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Hello ladies! My name is Nancey.

Well technically I'm a mother of two, I have my daughter who is 2 years old and my husband has his son who was a year old, we are raising them together and the children know no difference..  butt we want one of our own so the children can have a sibling!  I am off of the marina and we have had sex for the past month-and-a-half unprotected and heavily on the day of my ovulation. My period started on the 31st of March and it ended on the 1st of April and now I had ovulated on the 13th of April and had sex multiple times that day and five days leading up to my ovulation and the two days after but we have not stoped our lovemaking. My breasts are very sore for the past week and about five or six days after my ovulation date I began cramping in my lower abdomen, it comes and goes. I have not had any bleeding and I am due for my period in two days on the 27th. Along with my breast hurting I am also have a slight mood swings and slight headaches, I'm also having some slight dizziness and no Cravings yet but my appetite has increased a lot. And I know most people don't usually go off of there cervix position but my cervix is really high and kind of soft and somewhat closed. I did have a little bit of discharge last week but not a lot but I feel that I am pregnant. I really hope  I am! I'm hoping someone can help me out I do not have any symptoms like this with my daughter it was a smooth pregnancy. I was up and walking around after she was born 24 hours later, yeah I looked like nothing happened.


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