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Need a bit of help

Hi evertone could someone help I had a miscarriage and now weird things are happening right by miscarriage started on the first of this month and lasted till the 7th so that was six day I went hospital and they sent me back on money for a scan they told me my baby was gone and my hormones have got down a lot in the last  day they was at 8004 and went down to 1002 in a day so I went home really upset and just stayed in my room the friday and Saturday after me and my boyfriend had sex and have been some nights since but on Saturday 23rd I started getting  brown blood so I been putting pads on its only through the day because  put one on at night and nothing in the morning it's weird I just don't no what to do its not A normal period I just need a bit of help does anybody know what this could be X sorry if its tmi just need some help x


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