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I think i am miscarring

This morning i had some peachy colored discharge and this afternoon it is more bright red i have mild cramping. I called my doctor and they said everything is fine and refused to see me. I am freaking out this is my first pregnancy, have i lost my baby??? :(


  • I've got the same problem. i guess just waiting and re-testing in few days is the only option. 

  • Update from thinking i was miscarrying, I went the the ER because the blood and cramping got worse. I ended up miscarrying, turns out i have Rh negative so i never knew that so my blood some how mixed with the babies blood and i lost it. They did give me the Rhogam shot to prevent it in the future. I hope yours turns out better then mine did. It was and still is very devastating. 

  • im so sorry. Been bleeding on and off since yesterday. Going do one more test in the morning And visit GP but think I'm bk to square one. All the best for future.X

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