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Partner working away when pregnant ???

Me and my partner have a 2 year old and we are expecting twins in currently 14 weeks pregnant. In 2 weeks he is going to work away for 4 months he will miss all the scans. including the sex scan. Also my 2 year old is going through the terrible twos stage. Which as you all know is hard work!! So I could do with the extra help of a evening and would like support during my pregnancy which I'm not going to get over a phone call.! Were also moving house so this is all being left for me to deal with If it's not done by the time he had to work away.  Is this selfish ? Should he be going to work away what are your opinions ? 


  • I know hormones will be adding a lot of extra emotion into how you are feeling but there are other women out there who will go through what you are - forces wives & girlfriends can spend a lot of time apart from their loved ones & some face giving birth with their partner out of the country, single mums who have been left by their partners with no choice other than to give up or do it all solo...

    Yes, those few months may seem lonely & difficult but you can do it & remember he is working to support you all. Best wishes. X

  • Yes. I agree with KazzieM, he is working for you and your kids. So relax and everything will be alright.

  • Thankyou I think my hormones are making me feel like things are a lot worse than they are. Feel better about everything now. Cheers ladies 

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