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  • How is everyone?

    We are having interupted sleep again due to full on teething, my poor little B :-(

    I dont like giving her all the meds, but also dont want her in pain, so I have just ordered an Amber anklet to see if that will help a bit.

    Selfishly the lack of sleep after a month or so of her sleeping through has hit me really hard and I was struggling mood wise earlier in the week, so I gave myself a talking to, have done a couple of 5 mile walks in the sunshine, have written to request the notes from my birth, have organised to meet up with a couple of very good old friends and their little ones, 1 of whom is 18 months and I havent met! My friends are the men (boys) so very hard to organise them lol, really looking forward to that...

    And I am sorting the nursery, have stored a load of stuff in the loft; given a few binbags of stuff to charity, and now going through washing all of our clothes before they get moved back and packed away in our room which is finally decorated :-) :-) :-)

    So feeling positive again, hope everyone else is doing well xxx

  • Hi hadepop,

    Lovely to hear from you! Sorry you have been struggling a bit at the moment. I've heard the Amber things are good for teething. I've not had to use them (yet!! Fingers crossed!)but hope they work for you 😊

    How did your lunch dates go with friends? I always find a good natter and moan helps!

    How is B getting on with solids now?

    Jacob is doing ok. He was in hospital a couple of weeks ago and has been hit and miss since then, but he seems to be coming out the other side now! Like you though , sleepless nights are taking their toll, but I'm lucky to have a very supportive hubby who does his share every night.

    Jacob is loving his solids, on nearly 3 meals a day, I can't fill him! Lol!

    This is him this morning trying mango for breakfast!


  • Hi! Ah swanny Jacob looks very pleased with himself having mango! What has been wrong with him that he's needed hospital?  Apologies for being nosey and if you have already said in a previous post x

    Hadepop must be something in the air as I've been having low days too and have had to give myself a kick up the bum to shake it off.

    Elliott turned 6 months yesterday! Where did that go?! He's gone from being a little skinny tiddler to a sturdy little fella who's not going to be in his 6-9 month clothes very long 😊 he is having 2 meals a day now after starting weaning just a few weeks ago. 

    image  image  image

    I'm going out with the girls tonight,  my first time out since having Elliott. Got a new outfit and everything!  I'm nervous about it! I'm just hoping that tonight will be a good sleeping night. Sleep has never been Elliotts strong point but better last 2 weeks.  Every night is different! Not sure about teething,  he's certainly dribbling like crazy and stuffing anything in his mouth. Not rolling quite yet and unable to sit without toppling over. Think it's all going to come at once! 

    Tomorrow we are having a family bbq as bailey is leaving for the states again for the summer. Dreading this as he and Elliott have a great bond despite the 19 year age gap. Thank goodness for Skype. 

    I hope you have a good weekend with your little ones xx 

  • Hi sunny,

    Nice to hear from you!

    Jacob has had bronchiolitis (can't spell it!) 3 times since he was born (he's 5 months on Tuesday!)but the last time he had it was quite severe. His oxygen was 89% when we got to hospital and he had a lot of recession and was really working hard to breathe. So they kept him in for a few days for observation and was on oxygen and nebulizers. Bless him. 

    Wow, look at Elliot now bless him!! Looks like he's thriving!! Very sad that he's getting bigger though.....Jacob is nearly out of 6-9 month clothes already 😪 where has the time gone?!

    You go out tonight and let your hair down, it will make you feel the world of good!!! Can't hubby do tonight so you can have a proper night??

    Ah I bet Elliot will miss his big brother! But imagine his little face when he gets back 😊 xx

  • Afternoon ladies - wow just did a read through and am loving the pics, haven't they got big !!! Cant believe sometimes how far we all came in what seems such a quick year!

    Rosalie is still struggling to eat solids so we are persevering with porridge, rusks and  purees.

    She cut her first tooth yesterday!!!! But has a sniffle and a cough so am not holding much hope that sleep will improve until she's completely recovered from this cold.

    She loves playing on the floor mat and reaches for toys so I don't think it will take long before she can roll over by choice....the one time she did it shocked her so much she cried every time we put her back down to play for a while lol

    Half term is here again and we are planning some time out in the sunshine 😎

  • Hi everyone! We were wondering if any of you have any sage words of advice for this newbie who's baby is suffering with colic and reflux? She's over on this thread.

  • Hey Everyone

    They are all looking so grown up!

    I did enjoy meeting up with friends Swanny...we all had our children so I felt a bit more normal and it was nice that the boys instantly trusted me to watch their sons when they nipped to the loo etc :-)

    Sunny I hope you are feeling better too...Busymamma is that the first tooth for all the babies? B is close but not quite there...the Amber thing has not turned up yet...flippin bank holiday lol!

    B is loving food...I think her sleep regression just happened to coincide with first attempt as her sleep is completely unpredictable now :-(

    The only weaning issue so far is she likes to feed herself so it is very messy...pic below...

    Swanny I hope Jacob is all better now and thats his last hospital stay...

    imageimage xxx

  • Hi everyone, we just wanted to let you know about this thread incase you missed it - if you have children aged 4-7, we're looking for 20 children to try out some Lego for us. If you're interested, please click here for all the info.

  • Oh hadepop they are cute pics! I don't envy your washing tho!

    Deian is loving the food, I've only given him a few different things so far, i can't wait to try finger foods but don't think he is quite ready. He is seeing a dietician now, he is allergic to milk so no dairy until he is over 1. But I am trying him on soya formula and he has actually had a couple of ounces! I think the end of breastfeeding is in sight, I feel quite sad about it, even tho I was getting so frustrated that he wouldnt take a bottle or couldn't have formula. I think I'll need to just stop offering and just offer a bottle. 

    I can't believe how quick it's all going! I am loving maternity leave and this weather! We have been doing lots of lovely things, first day at the beach, family bbq, picnic by the lake. No teeth for us yet, a couple of rolls from front to back x

  • Ah hadepop, look at that mess!! Lol. it's good though! She's growing up quickly 😞

    Hi Gaeaf...sorry to hear your little man is having some problens

  • Grrrr pressed send too soon!! Sorry your little one us having problems. Must be horrible to see and get through 😓 hopefully he'll grow out of it all!

    How is everyone doing? Are you all enjoying this gorgeous weather??

    Jacob had his first birthday party he is looking dapper!image

  • Swanny85, Jacob looks awesome! He looks so happy!

    Hi everyone else too - we hope you're all doing well? We've just started a new thread about Babymoons - do come and tell us if you've had one, or what you think of them, right over here on this new thread. Thanks!

  • Oh Gaeaf sorry to hear about the milk issue...great that the end may be in sight! Swanny, Jacob looks awesome in that little outfit, what a dude!

    Are you all still getting the babies weighed etc. regularly? I haven't been since B's last jabs, thinking I may do it in 2 weeks as that will be 1 day before she is 6 months (which I can't quite believe) xxx

  • I was having to go every week to get him weighed but now only every month thankfully. I wanted to go next week because deian has been having a couple of bottles a day with the food so think he is putting on! Just suffering with sore boobs from not feeding. The end is near! 

    I can't believe 6 months is nearly here!

  • Hi everyone, how fast did those 6months go? Are any of you heading back to work soon, if you haven't already? We hope those babies are treating you well. Please do come and let us know - we miss your updates!

    We wanted to let you know about two threads we have running today.
    The first is your chosen baby name - did you reveal it before you had your baby? Please do come and let us know on this new thread here.

    The second thread is about Father’s Day - we’re wondering if you’ve done anything special in the past (or if this is your first Father’s Day) or if you have something lovely planned? Please do come and tell us over on this new thread here.

    Thanks everyone!

  • Hi ladies,

    How are you all doing?? And how are those beautiful babies doing?

    Well where the he'll did those 6 months go?!?!? Jacob is 6 months at the end of the month and I really can't believe how fast it's gone. I was thinking it's coming up to the 12 month Mark of having our first scans, can remember it like yesterday 😊

    Jacob is doing well. Still a big boy, still loving food (although he's developing a sweet tooth which I'm trying to nip in the bud now!) It's just sleeping through we can't quite get yet. Not that I can complain, he goes to bed at 6:30-7pm and he generally wakes up at 4am for a feed and then sleeps again till about 7-7:30am.

    He had his last lot of jabs earlier in the week (8 weeks late)but he seems to have coped with them really well 😊

    I'm back to the dreaded work place on 5th September! I'm going in for a meeting on Monday to talk about my job (it's changing!), hours of work and sort my keep in touch days. It's coming round far too quickly!! I don't feel ready to leave my baby! 😭

    Here is a recent one of little Jacob.....image

    Look forward to hearing from all of you 😊 xx

  • Swanny lovely picture of Jacob! such a big smile!

    we are very similar, Deian is waking about 5 for a feed, then goes back down till about half 7. im trying to get him on bigger bottles and weaning at same time, he's just not that interested. He's only takes about 6oz and last night only had 2oz at 7 before bed. And I give him 2 meals a day. He's 6 months on Saturday!

    i went into work on Tuesday, to discuss kit days and going back to work. I'm thinking of going back end of October or mid November, taking some holidays first. And going to request part time! It is coming around so quick! 

    Hope all the other babies are coming along! this is happy deian yesterday! X


  • Hiya!

    It is actually the 1 year anniversary of my 12wk scan today :-) Can't quite believe it! Had Beatrice weighed on Tuesday and she is 15lb 15oz smack on the 50thcentile and still really tall...imageimage

    My work have been in contact to request a meeting but I am waiting for date, then I can discuss whether returning there is an option (scary)! Swanny that has come around so fast...Gaeaf good if you get and can cope with part time :-)

    B is generally sleeping through from 8-5 but had a 1am wakeup call last night, I am grateful though as my godson who is 10 months still wakes 1 or 2 times a night for a feed !!

    Love the pics of our happy bubbas just cant believe we are reaching 6 months! My pics have gone in the middle somehow... xxx

  • Hi ladies, it's wonderful to see the babies and hear from you all.

    Mind if we ask, out of interest, those who are discussing going back to work, what hours do you currently work, and if you're asking for fewer hours, what are you pitching to your employers? Also, what childcare have you got?

    ps do you get paid for KIT days?

  • Hi everyone,  wow look at those gorgeous babies!  where has the time gone. Elliott is 7 months on 27th. Last weigh in at 6months was a whopping 19lb2!! And to think he was once sitting under the lowest centile line 😊He's sitting up (only just)  but not yet rolling He started saying dada, yayaya, and nanana last week! That was exciting. Sleep is still a bit hit n miss. We were down to one night waking for a few weeks but now he's taking an hour to go to sleep and waking 2-3 times. Could be teeth I guess. 

    I finally plucked up the courage to go back to the doctor this morning and I've been diagnosed with post natal depression.  Id been trying so hard to deal with my feelings but it was getting ridiculous.  I just want feel like my old happy self again.

    Here's Elliott out shopping last week. 


    I am due back to work in September. I used to do 26hrs a week but intending to do 16 instead for the foreseeable future.  I am going in to sort it all out and arrange KIT days next week. My mum is going to have him one session a week and either a friend or nursery for another session. Right now I'm dreading it as one of my things with PND is panicking when I don't have Elliott with me!

    Sorry for the long post! Hopefully I'll be a bit more cheery next time 😀

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