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green wee???? help!!??

hi im 10 weeks pregnant and all of today i have had a greenish colour urine. i have looked all over the internet to find a decent answer to why this is happening and should i be concerned but nothing other than theories seem to come up. could anyone shed some light on this as i cant call docs  or midwife til morning????????????


  • Hello,

    Hope all is okay and you have now managed to speak to your doctor or midwife.  I havent heard of  this before but know certain foods (like beetroot and asparagus) can affect the colour / smell ...

  • thanks for the reply.

    midwife got back to me this morning, apparently it is down to being dehydrated so plenty of water for me image

    incase anyone else reads this with the same problem - its another matter if you are experiencing any pains in the stomach or when passing water....... they need to be checked out by a doctor. hope this helps x

  • I once freaked out massively with green wee. It was dark yellow with dehydration & the blue loo blocks I use. I felt like suck a nerd when the NHS lady said 'what colour do you think the water should be if it's blue at the start?'

     I hope you're feeling better & your mind is at rest. Good luck. x

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