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Any one due dec 2010?? (MFM)

Hi all,

Well im due on the 1st Dec with my 3rd child, so was just wondering if anyone else was due around the same time to share stories and pass the next few weeks of pregnancy!! Im soo excited just want him here now!! He is my 1st boy so going to be very wierd.. the pregnancy has been so different from my 2 daughters, they were lovely pregnancy but this has been a nightmare, constant sickness and no energy x


  • HELLOimage I'm Rach,mum to Tom 3,Joseff 2 and expecting my third boy on 7th Dec,very excited too!!!!!!

    I am majorly stuck on names tho! So that's putting a damper on things! I'm getting organised with xmas shopping tho,must get sorted this year! my pregnancies have all been virtually identical,no probs whatsoever until 26wk or there abouts,then no energy same as yourself,insomnia,backache,hip pain etc........I'm not moaning tho-took pver 18mths to get here so I'm keeping quiet and still thankful I'm pregnant againimage

  • hiya im Sarah, im due on christmas day. im looking forward to it but nervous and excited as there are a few problems with the baby but im being closely monitered so should be ok. i get the same, tiredness, achy abodmen, legs, also starting to get swelling of the hands and feet, but can't complain really coz we all get a beautiful baby at the end of it. xximage
  • I keep telling myself that it will all be worth it in the end but its hard when it feels ages away yet its only 6 weeks. Its hard to think positive sometimes tho after pain and sleepless nights haha!! Just hope these next 6 weeks go fast.. well a part of me never wants it to come as im very nervous about the birth even tho its my 3rd lol

  • Afternoon ladies,I'm having a hard time * MOAN ALERT*

    Every time I stand up I literally feel like Im about to give birth,which is ridiculous I know,but I really feel like I have to cross my legs all the time.........anyone else experiencing this???? Hope not for your sakes,it's so strange,and horrible. Had some good sound advice off a trusted friend,resting as much as I can,but even getting up to go to the loo is causing mass discomfort and painimage

    Booked in for section on 7/12 got to see antinatal team at hosp on 18th,my midwife reckons they'll bring date forward due to size of baby(been n 90th centile thingy line for 5weeks) and I measure 2weeks and 3 days ahead.......I hope they do,4 more weeks of this will be bad. Sorry to moan,I promised i wouldn't this pregnancy as it took us so long to conceieve,but I've started to suffer last week,and it's getting worse. However on positive note last 2 nights I have had 5 hours solid blocks of sleep,which has been fantastic!!!!!

    Hope evryone due in December is coping with all the less than glamorous aspects of pregnancy! x

  • wow that doesnt sound right, maybe you should phone midwife and ask what could be causing it as for me to moan about well im measuring at 29 weeks instead of 33 weeks with the height of my uterus and the babys estimated weight is only 2lb something so shes still very small i still have fortnightly growth scans next one is sometime next week im waiting for a phone call and also caught the winter bug image stuffed up to the point where i can't breathe and i keep waking up drenched in sweat or needing the loo lol no proper blocks of sleep for me so im shattered but im doing all i can, paracetamol, olbas oil, hot drinks, what else can i do? we arent allowed meds. got dentist friday 12th as well *sigh* my dentist doesnt like me lol
  • Oh Sarah you sound well fed up hun! Olbas oil on pillows,paracetamol,rest plenty of fluid,no there isn't much more you can doimage sorry,had exact same prob when having Tom 4 yrs ago,bad cold and hardly took any meds,lasted weeksimage

    Apparently the feeling I'm having is all ligaments are extra stretchy now it's 3rd pregnancy,so nowt can be done,she suggested a bump band,but it was so uncomfy I felt like it was giving me back ache yesterday!!!

    Have woken up a little refreshed today,so I'm trying hard not to maon today,just do everything slower than normalimage countdown is on though!!!

    Bless you Sarah the scans must be a worry,having never experienced this I can offer little advice. They're not always right though,one consultant assured me Tom was over 15pound and measured above the chart for head circumfrence and I did measure weeks ahead,he was born at 39weeks,less than 7lb,with normal size head,and despite 2 different midwives telling me his head was engaged from 36weeks he was breech and back to back,and there's no way he turned fully without me knowing.

    I hope you start to feel better soon hun,vaseline round your nose every night to stop the rudolph effect!!!!

  • Hi all so then how are the babies... Joshua is doing great.. Hope all is well with you lot..
  • All well with mine thanks Joanne,glad to see you back!image
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