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hi, im sure most people get contispated during pregnancy but im wondering whats safe to take, as i have tried lactulose but it gives me diarhhea instead, i wondered if sennakot is safe to take in the last trimester? does anyone know if i should or shouldn't take sennakot? i am currently in my final trimester at 31 weeks.


  • I would personally steer clear of all products like that as a friend of mine has totake them constantly now,not good.

    My iron tablets are having same effect,I've upped my fruit to 8 a day,and am trying my very best to drink lots of water,it's helping,I recently bought those cereal fibre bars,so I'll give those  a whirl too.

    Horrible pain isn't it? My stomach felt so tight last week,I'm sure it kept me awakeimage

  • ask ur gp to prescripe FYBOGEL. it is safe!
  • aww mumma it is awful, i got really bad cramping pains after taking lactulose and its thick liquid like that, that eventually makes me gag. i never tried fybogel ET is it any good? x
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