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Sucess after second trimester miscarriage

hello ladies,

I lost my first baby at 21 weeks unexpectedly my waters just went and two days later I had her, I had the worst care the whole time and me and my partner went through hell that weekend. We found out it was most likely due to an infection.

we decided that although our first wasn't planned and didn't end well the whole experience made us realise we were more ready for a family then we first thought so I wasn't going back on birth control and we wasn't exactly trying if it happened it happened, anyway on my second cycle I fell pregnant again I'm currently 7 weeks, I won't lie I thought it would take ages and I'll never be given a chance to be a mum.

this time round I'm causing a fuss to get the care I want and need to make sure I don't lose this baby ive demanded the best consultant to have all the test I need regularly and everyone seems happy to do so and don't blame me for the way I'm being.

so don't lose hope ladies and if you feel like you arent getting the care you need or something is right make them listen to you!

I wish all you ladies the best of luck and I'm always up for talking about my experience or anything else :)


  • Hello wantingpossitive,

    Just wanted to say so sorry to hear about the you an your partners loss!! <3<3 I can't imagine how that must of felt!! 

    Wishing you a very happy an healthy pregnancy hun!! 

    Lots of love 

    x x x 

  • Thankyou Hun 

    lots of love to you too :) xx

  • Hey hun, 

    Sorry for your loss. I lost my beautiful baby boy at 31 +4 in February. Congratulations on your new pregnancy. I'm currently 7 weeks too! Fingers crossed we get to bring our rainbows home xx

  • Yay pregnant buddies 🙌🏼 I hope we both do I'm so scared this time round, do you know the reason why you lost your little boy? It's so horrible that it happens that far on into pregnancy xxx

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