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Stammer/Stutter in 3yr old

Quick background.  Roo is 3 and a half, he has never been a great speaker (2 older siblings who never let him get a word in edgeways, do all his talking for him etc!), tho since starting nursery has began to have conversations with you, is forming proper sentences and talking without prompting, albeit in a slightly babyish tone.  

However, in the last couple of weeks he has started to stammer/stutter when beginning a sentence.  He has never done this before, and tbh it has started to worry me a bit. 

Is it something that can just come on suddenly like that or is it possible that he has heard someone else speaking in this manner, and is therefore doing it for 'effect' iyswim?  i caught his sister laughing at him the other day when he did it, which made him do it more (he likes to make her laugh)  I dont laugh at him when he does this but i let him finish what he is saying.  I dont really know anyone who has had this kind of speech problem, so am not really sure what Im dealing with here.  Any help would be more than welcome!

Thanks in advance! image


  • Try to point it out to him when he does it.  Say, you don't need to say d, d, d, d, just say do. 

    I hope his speech settles soon.

  • thanks for the reply audrey.

    i had never thought about pointing the 'mistake' out to him.  quite often you get told to do just the opposite!  I shall certainly give it a try!. 


  • Lynne, I used to work in a Day Nursery, and a little boy there had a stutter, and the woman in charge used this method.  At the start, I thought it was a bad idea, but it worked!  It took a few months though, but his stutter vanished.
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