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Hiya Its me!

hello mums and mums to be. well im due on saturday christmas day, im in what they call lathem labour which is early stages, very slow and can stop and start, its where im having regular contractions bit my cervix is not dilating, i had my show last week so u can imagine i am very fed up and tired of  going hosp just to be sent home again with painkillers. im managing on codiene and paracetamol although last night i had to go in and had gas and air then they wanted me to stay in overnight because i was in pain and they said my cervix still wasnt dilating, i got very emotional and bawled my eyes out lol. but i asked them to please let me home as i would get more sleep there and they did. but today im very close to tears again im just so fed up of constant pains and no baby. and been told it can go on for a few days as my cervix is still very high, any tips mums would be great. but there is light at the end of the tunnel, im booked for induction day on the 29th. im at a point where i feel no one understands me and would like some advice, anyway how are u all getting along? glad i came on for a moan lol i had to or i would of cracked. image xx


  • walk alot and drink lots and lots of water it worked for me
  • I've had uncomfortable and emotional days with both my youngest daughters and within 48hrs my waters broke and they were on their way!  Try doing something to take your mind off it all, I cleaned the house top to bottom, ironed the baby clothes and sorted out the Christmas card list (it was September) read lots of books cover to cover and fitted the car seat and put the new double pram in the boot of the car  (hubby was not impressed when he picked up a sleeping 2 yr old and had no idea how to unfold or fold the phil and ted buggy).  I also panicked my husband because I packed my hospital bags weeks in advance and then kept repacking it every other day to check I had everything I needed.

    It sounds silly now because I knew  I should be trying to rest but I found I could not keep still, and when I had the energy I had to do something - anything active!  My waters broke both times whilst I was on my knees, changing a nappy and cleaning under my daughters beds.  Other times I was so tired I went for long baths and naps and did as little as possible.

    Hope it all goes well for you!

  • i do drink tons of water mooo, and i don't get out much to walk coz of snow and ice but im always trying to stay active thank u hun, hiya young, well yesterday afternoon i did have a burst of energy and thought my house was a state so i got cleaning, washing, drying laundry. then my mum told me off for doing too much lol, its hard because everyday i wake up thinking is this the day my waters go? its just contractions everyday that i manage with painkillers. might be off to asda today or tomorrow. i always go with someone just in case. nothing has set me off but then again maybe i should relax til my induction day on the 29th and enjoy my final christmas with just me and my family. is it normal for morning sickness to kick in again during the final days??
  • Just try and enjoy your last remaining days that you have to yourself.   I had a small show about a week overdue with Jack (4th baby) and I still had to be induced 2 weeks overdue.  At least you are having slight pains, could they be braxton hicks?  These do become very strong towards the end, and since it's your first, you don't know what real labour feels like.  When it does start, try not to panic, as that will make your pains feel worse. 

    That's easy for me to say - I paniced first time, and I thought I could never go through it again, until she was born, then it was such an amazing feeling!

    Good luck, and let us know how you get on. 

    Audrey xxxx

  • Dear Sarah, Nice to see ur post after quite a while, I too felt the same, but my case was totally diffrent as i had elective c section, as my daughter was overweight, and she was not able to move around freely lol!!!!!!!!, so had everything planned, but I was very nervous as it was my first one, and by God's Grace everything went well, All the pains and sufferings will fade away, when you have her in your arms, Oh its just a fantastic and great feeling, having waited so long and finally she is here, So just be relaxed, only few more days to go, and I hope she will be with you by the Christmas (probably).Just enjoy your last days of pregnancy hun, Take good care of yourself and your little treasure,
    I wish you and your little one a Merry Christmas and Happy New yr.
  • yeah they said i was contracting audrey but my cervix wasnt dilating, it was hard to be told that as i felt disappointed but im waiting til my waters go now, then they have to do something. shes small so its easy for her to get tired from the birth. thanks audrey and thank you bhuvana u have a lovely christmas too hun x
  • Sarah,hope evreything getting better for you hunimage my cervix wouldn't dilate,ended up c-sec,but that was due to scarring on cervix. I hope labour progresses for you and you manage a natural birth asap by the sounds of your discomfort.

    Try and keep your chin up,you'll have the best christmas present ever very soon x x

  • thanks so much Rachel, good to hear from u. awww at least u got your baby boy now i bet hes absolutely gorgeous image everyone in my house is debating i would go during christmas dinner lol, my mum is picking me up some raspberry leaf tea today from town, at last going to try that see if it works for me, im feeling a bit better today my pains have eased slighty which is good because i can't keep taking codiene it makes me feel out of sorts.
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