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2ww sucks

So I am currently 11dpo. I've had a number of symptoms eg. sore boobs, nausea, lower back aches, minor cramping, dizziness, loss of appetite, increased need to pee, extra pimples, mood swings... test are saying negative though I could swear I saw a faint line this morning but my OH can't see it so I'm not sure if I just have line eyes. Can't wait for this 2ww to be over so I can know for sure. Fx AF doesn't show. Wanting a baby so badly.


  • Ho hun i feel ur pain im 12dpo i have loads of symptoms really sore bbs and tingly nipples feel nausea today like i keep getting sperts were im litraly gaging cramp for a week i just feel so different in myself im due on af wed/thu as i have 28 or 29 day cycles took a firsr responce test friday and yesterday both neg i just really want to no now feel like im going out my mind good luck hun think we should just wait till day af is due but its so harder 

  • Yeah I agree about waiting but ithe is soooo difficult. I'm losing my mind wondering what every little feeling means. I went to get a massage last night to try to help me relax but the lady found a few tense spots and I let her work on them and now I can hardly move from the back pain. Just another thing to worry about. Roll on AF due day so I can do a test and set my mind at ease. I think OH will be happier when we have a definite answer too. I may be driving him nuts with my uncertainty. 

    Fx you get your positive too. 

  • I havent topd my oh i dont want him to get his hopes up if im not so holding it all in to myself when im getting strong symptoms i keep thinking i am deffanatly and feel 100% but then other times i think no i wont be i wont be that lucky im going out my mind so tempted to get a clear blue today but dont want the disapointment if im not i just really need to no thank got af is due wed/thu  x

  • I think I'm 6dpo (have irregular periods and opk dont tend to work to well with me) 

  • Good luck meme please dont test early if been that disaponted with 3 neg tests not much hope for me now but if af doesnt arrive by friday i will take another test 

  • After all these months I'm used to it, I just know not to get my hopes up 

  • I no its a horrable feeling when u are desparat for one xx

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