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Due in March 17

Hello - and congratulations on your pregnancy!

I'm DanielleMFM and it's really lovely to see you looking in on us!

If you'd like to join this group and meet others who are also due in March 2017, please do post a reply and introduce yourself.

And if you have any questions or suggestions for me or the rest of the MFM team, please do shout!



  • Hi congrats,😊

    I am too pregnant 7 weeks just waiting for scan next week.  I have been to the doctors this week as I was bleeding a little then stopped Is this norma.  Plz help.  My breast nipples hurt like mad and feeling nauseou.

  • Hi Positive pregnancy, welcome to MadeForMums and congratulations on your pregnancy and being the first person to join our Due in March 2017 birth club!

    We're sorry to hear about the bleeding you've experienced, what did your doctor say about it? 

  • Hello... and congrats :) I found out yesterday im expecting excited as its took a while. Just awaiting phone call from midwife now for first booking. 

  • Hi oneinamillion, welcome to MadeForMums and huge congratulations - is this your first? 

  • Hi danielle, thank you and yes it is my first. Me and my partner are really excited but scared. Its took a while from febuary 2015. Finally got a bfp yesterday :) 

  • That's wonderful news! We're so glad to have you here, and we're sure there'll be lots of other women joining you in this club soon - exciting times ahead! 

  • Ladies, I need some advice. Here's my story: I implanted the nuvaring ladt

  • Hi EbGreen17, it looks like your post got cut off mid-way - are you joining the Due in March 17 thread?

  • I don't know if I'm pregnant. I'm afraid to do the test... again... image. Tired of seeing negative. Last period was 21st May. The past few yrs I've been testing to see if it's positive each time I missed my period. My doctor told me I was missing because I was drinking soy milk. Stopped drinking it and had regular periods for a few months only being a few days late once in the past 6 months. Now June... nothing. I've exhausted the labs and now afraid this is just another "false alarm". Nipples tender and a tiny pain in the lower left abdomen area... especially when I stretch. Horrible heartburn but that's normal sometimes when my hormones get wacky.  Extremely tired but I've had that symptom a few times when it was false alarm. I'm too ashamed to go to the labs yet again becuz everyone looks at me break down every time n feel sorry for me. I hate that. Soooo I'm afraid to test. What do I do?

  • Hi everyone,  I've been ttc since mc and then ectopic last year. Got my bfp yesterday. Praying for a successful pregnancy this time. 

    Congratulations everyone x

  • Loreli have you done a home pregnancy test? This should show if tgere is hcg after no Af for such a long time. Its very stressful I know. Hope you are OK 

  • Yes and sorry for that. I am a mother of two and I just can't seem to get a grasp of what's going on. Last month on the 5th I installed the nuvaring. Between the  5th and 6th is also when I get af. I think by putting in the ring, I stopped my af. I had unprotected sex from the 8th-15th and took the ring out on the 17th. By the last week of June, I was already feeling differently. I read that the ring takes about a week to become effective, and I really didn't like it, which is why I removed it so soon. I had one day of bleeding between the 22nd and the Because I threw off my

  • Not sure why my post keep getting cut off, so sorry for the confusion...I had one day of bleeding between the 22nd and 23rd. Because I threw off my af with the ring, I am not sure when to expect it. I have been having some symptoms for the past week or longer. Not sure what to do...I'm sure I'm still a week or so away from being able to get an accurate read on a HPT but the uncertainty is killing me. The 5th came and went with no sign of my af I guess I'll wait some more. 

  • Hi Gummybear9, we're so glad to have you come over from the other thread, and huge congratulations. Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months! 

    Loreli and EbGreen17, you've actually posted in the Due in March 17 Birth Club. Might we suggest you start a new thread over here in the Pregnancy section where lots more peeps will see your posts and hopefully be able to advise what might be going on with you? We're just worried not many people will see your posts here on this thread. Do drop us a private message if you need help doing that. 

  • Hi everyone I got my bfp this morning and I'm so happy!!! Think I'm due around 14th March :)

  • Hi Becca84, congratulation on your BFP! Lovely to have you here - is this your first? 

  • No this will be my second I have a 5 year old little girl

  • Oh wow Becca84, she will be SO excited once she finds out. 

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  • Hi just wanting some advice really.

    Im 4 weeks pregnant and when i found out i had sore boobs and nipples and was sick a few days. Now today theres nothing I just feel like I perked up. I I cramping or bleeding just wondered if i should be worrying. This is my first im not sure how im ment to feel its just scary how now my sore breadt have disappered. Thanks I advance. Any reassurance would be great

  • Im not cramping thats ment to say or bleeding

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