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Faint positive?!

Plz help - does anyone think my test is faintly positive? Or just wishful thinking? Period actually not due for 5 days but couldn't resist testing. Tried a clear blue digital too and it said not preg...plz help 🙏 xxximage



  • Yes it looks to me like a faint positive but because of the die run I would rely on it. Try re testing with a first response early results x

  • Thanks hun 😃 iv done 3 of they wee sticks that look like that. And iv got - tmi lol - really sore swollen bobs and diarrhoea. I will get one of the first response ones and try that. Xxx

  • Sorry to gatecrash but I'm in the same boat can I really belive my eyes is it what I think it is image

  • image         Sorry to jump on your post but I'm the same can someone help is that a positive or negative ? 

  • All three of your tests look positive to me 😊 x

  • imageGatecrashing here also ! I see a line. !!! Anybody else. ??

  • Yes it's very faint 

  • I see it! 😁 

  • Hmmmm. I took 2 super drug early detection tests thhis morning both were negative. But the first response gave faint positive. Any advice would be appreciated. ?  Not sure what to think.  My AF due on Friday. 

  • I would wait a cou of days I was the same but I got another negative so I'm unsure myself but try test again nearer to Friday 

  • Thanks Dal, that's what I will do x

  • Yes deffo wait it out til bit later in the week if you can x

  • I did the same but I keep getting negatives so just got to wait, this might be a bit to much information but does anyone else get lots of discharge ? 

  • No, no discharge. But I am sensitive to smell this week and notice cramp feeling only on right side of ovary.  No change in boobs. But dull headaches and nausea on and off  So not sure what to make of it all. I'll see what next few days bring. 

  • I'm the same just really confused lol 

  • imageimage

    Those look positive! Im having the same issue, cant tell if mine are pos yet

  • Looks positive but I would retest one more to make sure

  • Hi Kandis. 

    I tested today and it's negative. ! My AF is due Friday. So not sure what to think. I only got the one positive on the 26th. And every other test since is a negative ! Frustrating. 

  • It can be extremely frustrating! I would test again though in a few more days cus that was definitely a positive. Good luck to you! Im in the same boat, I am 11 dpo and not sure if mine are positive or not!

  • imageCan anyone see a faint second line, maybe it's just me but I've had 2 like this and a "not pregnant" clear blue 

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