Is this a positive ovulation result



  • For the last couple of months I have been having the same results with my OPK and every month my period starts. So I'm guessing it is a negative like mine 😫

    I hope we both have some ovulation luck soon. 

  • It's not completely dried on the pic so hard to say but going off what I've read and seen no its not there yet but almost 

  • Well it was like this for 2 days so i think it was positive x

  • It was dried, its the lighting x

  • Yeh I've had 2 clear lines and a clear and faint line too so I may have missed getting pregnant on some months.

    I hope you are ovulating and you get pregnant soon. 

  • Thank you hun, ill be testing as of next week, ill keep you updated x

  • Hey Tisha, it may be yes. Generally an ovulation test is positive if the test line is as dark, or darker than the control line. Your test line is ever so slightly lighter than the control line however its a hardly noticeable difference.

    I would suggest assuming this as a positive result and get in the sack for bding, but keep taking the ovulation tests for another couple od days to see just incase it actually gets even darker for you

  • I did take them for the past 2 days and its got lighter, so i had sex on the two days where the line was at its darkest. So i think i might have a chance of being pregnant this month x

  • MrsWray - what you said in your first reply - I just wanted to comment because I think you are possibly a little confused as to how ovulation tests work.

    Having your period doesn't mean you didn't ovulate. If you are having two lines show up for one or two days like Tisha, then that is a positive ovulation test.

    OPK's pick up the surge of the LH hormone that usually preceeds ovulation. Ovulation will generally follow within the next 24-36 hours after a positive ovulation test, and its a clear indicator to get in some quality bady dancing!!

    OPK's are not a confirmation of actual ovulation though. It is possible for your body to try to ovulate, meaning a positive ovulation test and other symptoms like egg white cervical mucus, but not be successful. This happened to me last month, I had a positive ovulation test on cycle day 12, but my body did not manage to release the egg. It tried again after a few days and I eventually ovulated on cycle day 20. 

    OPK's are a really good way to get ADVANCE notice of an impending ovulation, but they are not a confirmation of ovulating actually successfully occuring. Taking your bbt (basal body temperature) can confirm that ovulation did actually take place

    I hope this is helpful!

  • That helped alot! Thank you so much. Massive help hun. It was positive, ive taken another one and theres hardly a line now x

  • Oh ok I see. I was just going my what it said on the teat strip box that if there are 2 lines, 1 been clear and bold and the other was quite faint then it advised on the box that it was a negative come back on the stick and I was not ovulating.

    So do I just ignore what the box says and if I have 2 lines and the test strip (wether they are both clear and bold or if 1 is faint) and I am ovulating Because there are 2 lines in the strip  

    Sorry I am new to all this testing of ovulating etc, so it's just getting my head around it all.

    Thank tou you for your help and advice MissKiwi. 

  • Hi mrswray, you are most welcome.

    If you get two lines, but one is faint, it means that there is no lh surge happening in your body at that particular time. 

    If you get two lines, and the test line is as dark as the control line, or even darker, that means that you are about to ovulate. you will only see this happening for one, or maybe two days in your cycle

    does that make sense?

    I'm going to post a picture of mine that should help 

  • image

    Cycle day 14 is my positive (today) so it is likely that I will ovulate in the next 12-36 hours

  • Yes that is a great help thank you.

    I'll screenshot this and save it for next months cycle so I know what I am doing and how to work out my ovulation days, or at least I know round about my best days to start making 👶🏾👶🏾 

    Thank you again. You have been such a great help. x

  • Just remember that everyone is different so not everyones test will look the same.

    I always get a faint second line even when I'm not in my fertile time, and then it gets very dark when I'm about to ovulate. 

    Other ladies get only one line and nothing else until just before ovulation and then the second line will start to show.

    mine are even different when I use different brands of tests.

    You are welcome to message me photos and I'm happy to help you decipher the result if you need help :)

  • Well I am booked in to see my GP this morning so let's hope I finally get somewhere with my TTC. I'll keep tou updated MissKiwi

  • Mine is this. Is this a positive image

  • I’m in the same boat image

  • I’m in the same boat image

  • Can anyone shed some light on these test all positive since last week. Had my period on the 11th of August lasting 4 days then 2 weeks later started with brown spotting for a day the turned to red lasting 4 days. My period are 28 days give or take a day or 2 either way. Now since last week and this week all my tests are Strong positives.  image

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