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Ewcm ( graphic pic)

SORRY for the graphic pic 

Is this ewcm?  It was so long and stretchy but not clear had a slight tinge to it?!image


  • Thats what mine looks like, I never get totally clear EWCM, it always looks milky. But super stretchy and lots of it thats how I know its the right stuff.

  • Thanks, 

    How long after noticing do you ovulate / positive opk?

  • I usually get a positive OPK within the next day, or two, max.

    But last cycle I had the EWCM and positive OPK but then didn't ovulate, my body didn't manage it for some reason and it was early in my cycle, maybe egg wasn't ready :)

    About a week later I got the EWCM again and another positive OPK, and that time the egg did actually drop.

    So ovulation tests, while helpful, don't actually confirm ovulation, I take my bbt each day to confirm it

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