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10 days late BFN could I still be pregnant?

So me and my boyfriend are not actively trying to get pregnant but if t happens then we will be excited. This month is so different then any other month I'm 10 days late I have alot of symptoms nauseous, bloated, breasts look and feel bigger, mood swings. I 'feel' pregnant. My period is usually on time every 28-29 days. I'm not sure what to do. I hope it's not my body playing tricks on me. Any advice would be nice 


  • Hi I'm 14 days late I have 1 positive and 2 frustrating as really trying hold out and see before I get anymore tests..sounds like your having all the symptoms have u tryed any tests yet? 

  • You should visit your gp they can send you for a blood test to check HCG levels x

  • HI Emy0001, thing is the first positive was with my doctor than was sent to maternity hospital that day and had 2 negative. .juat told me I had kidney infection..yet was told my other doctor after scan that eveything points to body preparing for pregnancy. that's wr cinfusion is as when I was discharged 2 days later other doctor said I wasn't pregnant...but I really feel tgere wrong xx

  • I've taken 4 one looked like it had a very faint positive but all rest negative it's very frustrating 

  • Soooo frustrating and confusing😯

  • Well officially CD 39 no sign of AF but I do have increased CM I don't know what's going on body is very different then any other month Im praying not for my BFP 

  • I meant praying for my BFP

  • how are you ladies getting on ?

  • Still no AF. Everything about my body is different very bloated I feel like my breasts are huge I have an appt on Thursday with my doctors so hopefully good news 

  • When was your last hpt ? Good luck for the doctors x

  • I took one 4 days ago it was negative but one that I took the day before there was a very faint positive so idk I uploaded a photo image

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