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i have recently given birth to my 4th child. He was bith breast and formula fed.

he started bringing back all his feeds, screeching with bellyache and being all round adgitaed when feeding, plus refusing to wind.He is also suffering for poor weight gain. I tried both infacol and gripe water with no luck.

my health visitor said it seems like he has reflux And to put him on anti reflux milk which i did. Since he has been on this milk he has been really constipated no matter what i do, hes been on lacatose for 2weeks and even had a supositry But is still having a lot of difficulty pooing, when he actually manages to go he is passing poo the size of small rocks. 

I have tried him back on normal milk and its litterally just fireing out now. What can i do? Will putting him on whysoy milk make a difference? 


  • I would consider looking at milk intolerance/ could be something in the milk his tummy is reacting to

  • Hi I really wouldn't recommend trying soya milk. My son has milk protine intolerance and we also found out after trying soy milk he is intolerant to that too, but it made his symptoms even worse. It took us constantly taking our son to the docs and hospital for them to do anything as we knew things were just not right. He has to go on a special prescribed milk and is now intolerant to cows milk, soya and eggs. keep going back to the docs/midwife and tell them things are not right until they deal with it. 

  • I kept going back with my first son, by the time they actually did something he was no longer on baby milk. im definatly going to keep pushing this time as i dont want to see another one of my small people go through that again. I just dont know how to deal with it watching him suffer so badly :( x

  • I feel for you having been there. Just keep bugging them until they sort it for you. I know it's especially hard when you have other children to worry about too xx

  • My older lad was the exact same as a baby, he had really had exzma aswel to go with all the other symptoms. I know theres something not right with my bubba, just dont know what. I shall be at the doctors asap and just keep pecking them to get him sorteD. Hes been a few times since being born 8weeks ago and know hes weight gain isnt good at all but have just said we shall keep an eye on him x

  • good  luck I hope you get it sorted soon xx

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