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Am I pregnant? Not sure coz of the faint line


  • I think you are and that's your BFP!!! Congratulations happy 9months!!!!

  • Hi im new here and so confused so would like some advice please. Iv done few clear blue and only 1 came up with a very very faint line or is it just my eyes thinking there's a line. Will upload PIC for ur advice thanks in advance 

  • I sure do hope so... vve bn tryin for 3 mths n really wanna strt a family.. will chk again in 2 days tho.. bt thank u.. I feel so much better aftr ur reply :)

  • It might be too early to test Louise try again on the 26th. Hope it turns out positive.

    You are welcome Mommydreams...i have realised the cheap HCG strips are less sensitive. I realised this when i got my BFP the cheapie was so fainy while i got a clear n obvious line on another cheap brand. Try again in a few days 

  • Can u see a line tho or am i just seeing it for myself ?? 

  • Can't see a line sorry..its too early tbh

  • Hi.. I took d test again today - a day aftr my periods wer supposed to strt n got a BFP... got a docs appt to confirm via  blood test.. bt v pretty excited :)


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