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I need help about breastfeeding

So my little one has been super fussy the last 2 days and it seems that all he wants to do is eat.  He has been gassy since i brought him home from the hospital and i give him gas drops all the time.  His diapers are normal and his poop seems normal.    He is 4 weeks old. Since i brought him home he sucks so hard on my breasts that it hurts but the last 2 days the pain has been worse.   My breasts are so sore and raw that i don't want to feed him.  I don't want to give up breastfeeding but the pain is to the point it makes me cry.  Sometimes i skip feeding him breastmilk and feed him formula because it just hurts so bad.  I don't trust my local hospital or lactation nurse because of our horrible expierence during labor and delivery.  i don't want to stop feeding but i just dont know what else to do.


  • I had so much trouble feeding my first - he would be on the boob for ages and then still cry after. I ended up trying to express milk and it turned out I just wasn't making enough milk. I put him on formula at 6 weeks and he drank, settled and was content. I tried again with my 2nd and 3rd, same problem not enough milk. Put them on formula and they were happy and content. It's not the end of the world - in fact you are doing the best thing for them as they are getting food. My kids are now 9, 7 and 5 and they are healthy, happy kids with no allergies and are rarely sick. Dont let the breastfeeding crazies make you feel bad - it's not your fault! As long as your baby is fed it doesn't matter if it comes from breast or bottle and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!!!

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  • Hi sanders, there are lots of things you can try if it is your wish to continue breastfeeding. 

    in the first instance to help with your poor boobies  would go straight away & get some nipple shields... They will allow you to continue feeding while protecting your nipples & allowing them to heal. It does not affect breastfeeding... I used them from birth with my lo as he couldn't latch properly & so the nurse gave them to me & he then fed great. He easily transitioned off of them too once his suck was stronger after around 4-6 weeks. 

    Mid you definitely want to continue breastfeeding then really try not to supplement with formula as your body makes milk on a 'supply and demand' basis so your supply will drop if you're not breastfeeding often. 

    Might your supply is low... I definitely recommend lactation cookies! They taste yummy & really work to boost supply! If you are in the us there is a great company where I get mine from called 'milkin cookies'. If not, you can find recipies online to make your own... Just google lactation cookies. 

    Finally, I would ask your babies doctor to check if he / she has a tongue tie... with your nipples being a torn up as they are, plus the gassiness your baby is experiencing, these are both signs of a tongue tie... It may not be he case for your little one but if it is, getting that fixed can dramatically improve breastfeeding. 

    Good  & keep us posted!!

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