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What were your early pregnancy symptoms?



  • Hello everyone, i would just like to ask about my current situation. My last 3 periods are as follows:

    july 28

    aug 18

    sept 15

    the last time we had sex was sept 10 and sept 14. I had my period at sept 15, normal flow amount and length, can i be pregnant? Thank you ladies!

  • Hi ladies, im 5dpo and I've had tummy flutters, tummy cramps, been extremely hot for the last 48 hours and now I have extremely sore nipples. Any chance of pregnancy ? What do you reckon?

  • Hi Ladies . I'm new on the site . My husband and I have been trying to conceive . I was diagnosed with PCOS and had irregular periods.I had my period on the 8th of May Last and then my OB put me on glucophage XR I started taking it on the 1st of October 2015 and by the 13th I had my period which ended 5 days later . Between the 19th to the 29th my husband and I tried every night and used conceive plus every 2 days , I am now experiencing menstrual cramps and lower back pains , nausea,  light headed , extreme tiredness and mood swings , my peeing is a little more often. I am supposed to get my period around the 13th of November . Could I be pregnant so soon? And when can I take a test to detect it the earLiest. I'm not on any vitamins should  I start taking it . Could this all be in my mind ? Or is the glucopgage making me feel like this ? What are your thoughts .. afraid to do a test so soon and get a negative ... 

  • Hey ladies. So here is the deal. I am experiencing many of the symptoms of pregnancy and my instincts are screaming you are pregnant but the in home pregnancy tests keep declaring me not pregnant. Any thoughts?

  • HI 

    I need help. .. I had my period on the 12 may, myself and husband had sex  on the 16 which is the last day of my period after which we had sex almost every day through out my most fertility day of ovulation , on the 24 may  i spotted sticky brownish colour bleed. Now for the past 3 days my breast nipples is very sore even the rash around it get bigger and I have pains under my stomach could I be pregnant because we have been trying for baby. 

  • Hello Beautifuls! Okay, so I am not sure if this is all in my head or not. Two and a half weeks ago I had sex with my bf. Two days later I got my period but it was lighter than normal. My period only lasts three days and is always fairly light anyway but I didn't even need a tampon. Now this week I have been feeling bouts of nausea and dizziness. Also my nipples are extremely sore which is rare for me as well unless I'm on my period but I just got off it. I'm not sure what is going on with my body but I am hoping I'm not imagining this. Is it possible to get symptoms this early? Could I really be pregnant? Any help would be appreciated. 

  • U say u felt this a week before u were "due on" so that would have been a few days or a week after ovulation? Or do you mean the following month?

  • I had an incredibly light 1 day "period" 3 days before I was due on which never came so I thought that was it.  10 days later I have sore nipples well behind them, backache, tummy feels bloated and weird but test is neg

  • Hi, I noticed 3 days late for my period, i was so tired, i thought i was coming down with flu or something. Taken a clear blue test 1 week into missed period and it came up 2-3 weeks pregant which apparently is like 5 weeks Into pregnancy. So far ive been sooo tired, i can hardly stay awake enough to do anything, im confused about what im doing and keep saying emotional confusing things. Feeling constantly nausiated but havnt thrown up. I cant tell the difference from feeling sick and hungry at the moment, and keep accidentally peeing everytime i sneeze which is anoying and embarressing if im out. I go through like 3 pairs of knickers a day. 

  • Hello sunshine babe, just wanted to say that i have expeienced what youve just explained a lot of times through the year me and my partner were trying for a baby. Honestly the best thing you can do is take a pregnancy test 1 weeks after your normal period due date and it should be fairly accuate then. It does sound like your having pregnancy symtoms but again like i said i did get this an awful lot . Nearly every period if i was 1 day late or slightly lighter than normal i would get all excited as if i was pregant and i kept getting dissapointed every time. 

    My advise is to stay calm, and beleive that when its the right time it will happen. So if i were you i would take a pregnancy test a week after you were due. Im not sure how your body works but i know that if i get a lighter period i sometimes get these types of symptoms. 

    Fingers crossed for you. All the best. 


  • Ok. So you mean I should wait until my next period is due to take a test? Just had a gush of watery discharge too, dunno if that's anything to do with it?.... I'm eating like a horse and not getting that full feeling either 🙈

  • Hi I am wondering if you could tell me if I could be pregnant I had unprotected sex 7 days ago and I am having some signs already like dry mouth, pains in my lower back and in my right side and belly also going to the toilet more frequently than normal getting a runny nose and having wind more than usual 

  • Hi Cool girl, any unprotected sex can lead to pregnancy in the right circumstances. When are you next due a period? If you think you may be then it's maybe worth getting a test. Everyone's body is different so your signs could be pregnancy or you might just be noticing things more because you're conscious you could be. 

  • I had lower back pain almost immediately.... so I knew before I could even do a test that I was pregnant.

  • Hey girls. 

    I was wondering if any of you have had any pains or soreness in your nipples and also your boobs, what did feel like? I haven't had any other symptons but at the moment one of my boobs and nipple gets really sore and then the other one starts to hurt? What did yours feel like when you was or are pregnant? 

    I took a test about 3/4 months ago came out negative, I haven't had any other signs to wether I am or not! Need help?

    Thanks! 😊

  • Hello i know this post is old but i really need some help! i am 17 and had sex 2 days before my ovulated day, started cramping 4 days before period ( i am due for my period on the 23rd of november 2016) but now i can smell myself? could i be pregnant or do i just smell haha i really need some help!

  • Im going through the same thing Choco127. My nipples are extremely sore. I had heartburn for about a week. Always having to use the bathroom and light cramps. I too have taken depo. I want to take a test but I don't want to be disappointed. My husband and I have been trying for a year now. 

  • Hi guys! New to the forum, My first symptom was constipation. My hubby and I only just started trying we missed our first cycle but hit the second one yaay!!!image. Got a positive 5 days ago though i tested early. Currently have sore boobs and nipples, wee a lot, and slight cramps and hunger pains. I reckon am only 2 weeks gone but i want to know when to book an appointment with the Doctor?


  • Any help or advice girls? Two weeks tomorrow I took a CBD test which said "pregnant 1-2" it took about 5 minutes for that result to show since then I've been testing negative with a few different brand tests. I do always use the first morning urine. I seem to be having period like cramps which I've had for about a week now I'm so confused. 

  • Hello ally I'm currently 6 weeks and 2 days pregnant and i tested positive 4 days after I missed my period maybe wait a few more days then retest 

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