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Could this be it? Faint + on hpt before bfp? Please read my symptoms!

Hi everyone.

Last cycle has gone something like this:

CD1 - CD5 Light period

CD5 - CD7 Spotting (never usually happens)

CD8 - EWCM. Think I ov early sometime around CD8 - CD10. Bd on CD8 & CD9.

CD15 - neg opk, pink/brown spotting on TP

CD16 - neg opk, pink/brown spotting on TP, high CP

CD17 - neg opk, brown spotting, left pelvic pain, backache

CD18 - neg opk, creamy CF, high CP, bloating, loss of appetite but sudden love for coffee (never drank it in my life before as hate the taste, however I can't get enough of it right now and am trying to resist the desire to drink it all day!), fatigue, tender breasts near armpits, very strange intense dizzy spells

CD19 - neg opk, creamy CF, high CP, frequent urination (maybe all the coffee!), really dizzy all day

CD20 - neg opk, creamy CF, high CP slight cramping, hot flashes, headache. Bd'd and ridiculously wet down there (sorry TMI!), used early detection hpt in AM and thought I could see traces of a line but v faint

CD21 (today) - neg opk, increase in BBT (0.4 up from yesterday), slight cramping, used early detection hpt in AM again and could definitely see a super faint line and my OH could see it too. Did another this PM and line fainter (presumably as not now FMU) but can definitely make it out. Did clearblue digital as not sure if period due on CD24 or CD28 (last 2 cycles have been CD28 but before this they were at CD24) and it said Not Pregnant but at a guess I'd say I took this too early and too late in the day.

What do you think?

I'll be testing again until I AF arrives (if she does!) but would be interested to hear what you think. How many dpo do people usually show a dark BFP line? I'm not 100% sure when I OV but would presume I'm around 11dpo today with 4-8 days until AF due.


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