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Are my eyes deceiving me? faint positive

Me and my partner have been ttc since April last year while I was on norethisterone for heavy periods. April 8th 2016 I had mirena fitted and bled heavily until Dr put me back on norethisterone. Had a scan a few weeks ago and they said the coil wasn't in place. Had bfn on that day. A week later Dr took mirena out 26 july. Come off tablets. Little bit of old blood probably from mirena being removed. Started taking folic acid through my own choice a week ago (5th Aug). Have had no bleeding since having coil out. Tested 5 times in last fortnight. Took a super drug test a few days ago bfn. Took one tonight and took a while for dye to pass through. Come back 5 mins later and I think it's bfp. Slightly confused. Will upload pics imageimage


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