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Implantation bleeding or normal period?

Hi, I'd just like some advice.. there's so many different answers on Google but I'd like to hear first hand stories please 😬

i have ny periods like clockwork, 28 day cycle, ovulate at 14 days.. I'm never late or early coming on.

my partner and I have sex the day after I ovulated 7th August, and I was due m period 14 days later - but 6-7 days later I had brown blood (Likeness of period blood) not a lot but it got a little heavier and pinker (more fresh) - not as heavy as my usual period and there are no clots an I have had no cramping.

This is the third day of bleeding but it seems to be stopping and starting and not resembling a period, I'm just concerned with 

1) the amount of time I've bled

2) the pinkish/redish colour 

I was just wondering if anyone had similar symtoms and turned out to be pregnant? Or should I just take a test? Or wait as I'm not due I for another 5 days 🙈


  • you might be, conception from sex the day after ovulation is less likely but certainly not impossible! And unless you are temping you wont know for sure you exact ovulation day. I'd take a test when AF is due

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