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5 days late but testing negative

hello all, I'm new to this page. Myself and my fiancé are ttc #1 at the moment. I am 30, he is 33, both fit and well. 

My periods are usually like clock work every five weeks on a Friday almost down to the hour I know when it will arrive. But last Friday it didn't, I held out until Sunday to test but got BFN I tested again tues and still negative and still no period. I started dark brown spotting ( just when I wipe after the loo) yesterday and happened maybe 2-3 times then none all night and again today a few times, but it's a tiny amount and a horrible brown colour (my period never starts like this usually by now it would have been full flow)

has anyone else experienced this? I also have been needing to open my bowels a lot more regular than often (sorry for that info) 

hoping someone can provide an insight as I am so confused and doctor has been no help.


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