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im wondering if anyone can help me I'm nah to sure off my dates buh I'm aprox 7 weeks pregnant with triplets. My first scan seen nothing, an empty womb which lead the hospital to think it was eptopic pregnancy, went back two days later to find a little pin head, so they asked me to come back two weeks later an to my suprise there where three sacks, buh empty no heart beat, I'm in despire as I've had 2 miscarriages before, I've now woke this morning to bleeding, brown colour. Does anyone offer an advice I'm back again in tWo days to see if there's a heart beat. 

Im not hundred per cent sure in my dates. Buh I've heard with triplets it can take longer for them to progress 

thanks in advance 


  • Hi Leeanne, I am currently 24wks with twins.

    The brown bleed could be implantation. The joys with multiples is that they can either have their own placentas or be sharing a placenta so you can have anything up to 3 placentas trying to implant. Yes it can also take a little longer to detect on scan as they can hide each other, trying to find measurements on more than one you can always guarantee someone is not going to cooperate for the sonographer.

    Hope you get answers in the next couple of days. If you do have multiples you will get a lot more scans & appts with the multiples consultant. Good luck

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