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Ovulation test help

imageI'm currently cycle day 9. Just wondering if anyone can help what this test result might mean. I know it's probably classed as a negative but just wondering if it might get stronger over the next few days and if to keep testing? Thanks for your help. Totally new to this. TTC1 came of cerelle last month. 



  • I never used OPKs but know plenty of ladies that have and my understanding is that the line has to be as equally as dark as the control line so keep testing until you that result.


  • Keep testing Hun the line should get stronger over the next few days . How long is different for each lady x

  • Thanks for replying. I'm just always worried that I might miss it. Do you think I should be testing more than once a day or just keep it to the same time everyday?x

  • I did mine once a day with second morning urine - sometimes, did one in the avo too...

    I also used the CB digital sticks as well which are really simple to use and literally you pee on them like a PG test in the morning and then thats it - it tracks different hormones to give you a reading - I had a positive stick on the Wednesday and then a super positive and solid smileys on the digis on the Thursday.

    Its a good idea to temp too, as my temps indicate that I actually OVd on the Wednesday / early Thurs morning!


  • imageNow cycle day 10. Tested at the same time as yesterday. Line is looking a bit darker today. Would this still be classed as a negative? Also for anyone that has tried these strips before is this normal colouring for being cycle day 10? Thanks for looking x

  • HiMilly - yes thats all fine - mine looked like that at about CD10/11 -still classed as negative though.

    My lines were equal to each other on CD12 and then CD13 the test line was darker than the control line - my CB digis also showed a static face on CD13... my temps indicate that I actually ovulated on CD12 or was early hours of CD13 - thats assuming I temped correctly!! LOL

  • Still negative Hun,  but you are in your most fertile time once those line get quite dark,  so you need to make the most of baby dancing from now!! I'm guessing positive by 2mrw afternoon so this next 4 days are important😉

    Good luck 🍀

  • Hi Milly it's not quite positive yet but it's getting close its completely normal for day 10, you would normally ovulate 14 days before the start of next af and you see the surge (positive opk ) roughly a day before that. I must point out though this is not the case for every one and some ladies are earlier or later than that. On this basis though if your cycle is 28 days ovulation day will be around day 14. I hope this makes sense. 

    I personally do one opk a day until the line starts getting stronger then I may do 3 a day when's it's nearly positive so I don't miss it. I also back them up with clear blue digital advance near ovulation which I dip in my second morning urine as when I did a month of using first morning urine they didn't work. x

  • Thanks for replying. I came off Cerelle a month ago, had a withdrawl bleed a few days after then started AF almost exactly 4 weeks after taking last pill. Hardly had any bleeding whilst on it so not sure what my cycle is like. I'm just hoping its got back into a proper routine so I know where I am. That's why i have started using these strips. Was thinking of tracking temp, can you just use any thermometer? Might look into that next cycle and also the clearblue ovulation tests if I'm not successful this cycle. Keeping my fingers crossed, although not getting my hopes up as i don't think it's going to happen very fast for me! x

  • imageAlso meant to add tested again today (6.30pm) and is slightly darker again. 

  • That will be positive for sure tomorrow:) From your first positive you will have 12-24 until the egg releases and about another 12 to catch it!

    You have to use a body basil temp ( bbt) thermometer they are so cheap:)

    Got mine on Amazon along with 30 OPKs and 10 - 10 miu pregnancy tests for £6!!

    Get plenty of nookie in now!

  • imageHi guys. Cycle day 11 today. Just took this test (the same time as the last couple of days). Would you say this now looks positive?  Thanks xx

  • Yes defo positive:)

    your egg will release within 12-24 hrs so you've about 2 days left of fun then in the 2week wait 😬

    Good luck xxx

  • Thank you MMA. 

    We bd'd the past couple of nights, would this cover this? We will definitely bd today and tomorrow though to make sure. 

    Fingers crossed. Starting to feel excited now x

  • Yes even every 2-3 days will cover you so every night is great!!

  • Hello,

    If I was to test again today would the line start to get lighter now even though I've got 12-24 or should it stay dark through this time? 

    Im also having some lower abdo cramping. Could this be ovulation pains?

  • Yes and yes :) once you have had your surge it will get lighter - mine took a week or so to go to nothing.

    Cramping is a sign of OV also.

    Good luck - if you are temping and have OVd today, then you will see your temperature go up tomorrow to indicate ovulation. 

  • It will start to fade after your peak.

    I sometimes have 48hrs of positives but this cycle and last few about 24 hrs or slightly less of strong positives. Then back to nearly positive generally takes a week to go back to faint line. I always have a slight 2nd line as always have LH in our system:)

    Saturday you will be 1dpo Milly!

    Today is peak

    following day (so Friday) is classed as the day the egg finishes its journey

    Saturday 1dpo

    Then 2 weeks of wondering/stressing 😖

    See if you're like the rest of us and cave in and use a sensitive pg test at 10dpo!!😂

    Lots of luck🍀 and babydust✨✨✨✨👶🏻

  • Thank you so much for all this info!

    I feel so lost and new to it all so this has been such a help over the past few days image  

    Will wait and see how everything goes. Will try and keep you's up to date with my situation. I'm pretty sure I'll cave, it doesn't help when have some early tests in the house! Good luck to everyone x

  • Everyone is so amazing. I still haven't a clue about  Some stuff. Fertility friend app and Ovia are useful too for tracking x

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