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Faint positive?

Does this look positive to anyone?! Frer line came up within timeframe but its so faint that I wanna make sure I'm not crazy and that y'all can see it too!


  • Am really sorry but i cannot see any lines. How many dpo are you? 

  • I can see very very very gain line on first two, I hope u get your BFP, baby dust ????????????

  • No, sorry. Good luck though x

  • I'm new and confused . I had a miscarriage dec 12 and never got a period I was 6 weeks but my hcg levels were low 255 I ended up miscarrying . Took 6 test and all lines came out faint . Even the ones at the doctors . She told me to test again in 2 weeks but the wait is killing me . image

  • Smedia hey i had a miscarriage back in June last year and they told me HCG takes a while to leave your system as some peoples body takes longer to accept the miscarriage. And so they told me to wait a while to test as it could still come up positive from left over HCG from the previous pregnancy. Ask for a blood test to see what the levels are and then ask for another one a couple days later and see if they go up or down , if they go up its a new pregnancy and if they go down its just that our body is taking a while to get rid of the horomone , i recommend the blood test it prevents waiting to long.

  • I'm due on Monday, going st crazy. Does anyone else think this is a very faint line or an evaporated line? Was taken within the 10 mins X 

  • image I need someones opinion asap because it's driving me crazy... I've done 4 pregnacy tests and have all come out with a faint line but done a clear blue digital and it said not pregnant.. im so confused. Can anyone else see a faint line please? 

  • imageimageimage positive tests but clear blue saying not pregnant please help... all advice welcome please 

  • You need higher hcg levels for clear blue so you will be pregnant just not showing up on the digital tests as they are not as reliable Mabye 

  • I see bfp's on all of them!

  • Im just so confused because I've had positives and then on another one I had a negative I rang my doctor and they said they no longer do tests and said if I've had 4 positives im definately pregnant. I will keep you all updated thank you for replying it's always nice to have other opinions 

  • All look positive to me :) 

  • image 

    Hope you don't mind me joining in but what do you all think about this I've had a bfn with a clear blue digital after this 

  • CB digitals aren't that sensitive...

    does the line have colour? 

  • Yeah and it came up pretty much straight away maybe i should try again with a clearblue periods due tomorrow 

  • I would wait until you are getting stronger lines on a normal one before using another digi. They aren't as sensitive and more expensive. I have 2 tucked away for when its time

  • imageimage

    I dont know if anyone will read this or be able to help but I’m just wondering if anyone else can see a like in the first window? My nurse reckons it’s all in my head and I’m seeing things but I have had this result every morning for the last 4 days and I’m super confused because she got a negative late afternoon!! 

    Hope some one can help! 

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