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I ve been calculating my ovulation, my first day of my last period was the 25th August which means my ovulation  was 5th to the 10th sep, my husband was away but we had sex this morning!  Can there still be a risk of pregnancy even tho it was outwith my ovulation time?


  • If you didn't use protection there is always a risk of pregnancy. Even if it is small. Ovulation can be late or early and sperm can live inside you for several days. 

  • Just seconding what scribble said x

  • Thanks for ur comments! I guess I m just really hoping to be pregnant!  After having sex yesterday, I feel pretty rubbish today, was feeling sick earlier although ok now but seem to have a dull pain in my abdo but I guess I m just hoping,  don't think I d be lucky like that and also seems far to early to have any symptoms!  

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