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Im unsure if this is a positive

I'm getting really achy boob's and getting sleepy during the day. Peeing loads to but did test and one was really faint and did one the next day and it was negative. What do you think.image


  • Hi it def has coulour when is ir period due i got 1 very faint line on a boots test fainted than this then the next day got a strong possative on a first response but thatcwas day period was due x

  • Hi  Reeee13 thanks for comment. My period is very irregular it should be 19th. I've had some symptoms like really bad boob ache,feeling sleepy,peeing loads. 

  • I can defo see a line :)

  • Mayby try a first response it def has a couloured line so its just trying to get a stong positive now hun x

  • I think I will wait to see if my period comes if not I'll do another test. Because I did this one then the next day did another and it said negative that was the confusing bit.

  • im having the same issue 3 really faint and 1 neg when is your period due 

  • 19th/20th mine are irregular. It's so confusing when it happens because it's like am I or am I not. I have some symptoms. What about you.

  • Same Im due 20th but mine are all over the place too Im never really on time that just makes it more confusing !! i used the one step preg test this is the first one I did image I did a second that what more noticeable but it faded after an hour so not to sure I know the digis are good but they say to wait until period due as there take longer to show just frustrating that's another 3 days wait lol have you been tryin. ? 

  • My only syptom are hot flushes needing a wee a lot more and my boobs feeling different what about you ?

  • I've been trying for the last month I came off my pill after 13 years. I've got really achy boobs round the outside and on top. I've been peeing loads more and I've been sleeping during the day. It is confusing and frustrating.

  • it proberly doesnt help peeing more as it might be diluted have you been taking yours with first morning wee ? I think the best thing to do is use a  digital but I  defo think you have a good chance I can defo see a line x

  • I did first one Thursday afternoon after I got them. Then second one I did Friday morning and it was a negative. Yes I've been told digital are good I'm going to get some if I don't come on my period. It's my first time ttc and it's all very frustrating. I also have autism so I find it hard trying to figure the test and the positive and negative out. I'm trying not to get my hopes up just yet.

  • I bet that doesent help maybe go to your dr and explain that you think you might be they will do a test for you or organise a blood test thats even more reliable and i know how frustrating it can be but just try not to stress over it at I can make your period late 

  • Yeah I'm just going not think on it and see if I get my period. I'll do a digital near the time. If nothing I'll make a doctor appointment. I wish you luck I hope it goes well for you. I am glad there are others out there in the same situation as me.

  • You too hope you get the result you want keep me updated 

  • I will do and same to you :-) keep me updated as well

  • kayalyson just wanted to give you an update just did a clear blue digital and said pregnant 1-2 weeks so I would defo advice getting one :) x

  • Congratulations :-) I will definitely get one :-) 

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