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Could this be implantation bleeding?

I'm new to this and first time trying so I would love to hear anyones thoughts. Myself and my partner did the deed in the time frame I was ovulating. A day or two after I felt 'different' I was feeling sick, getting lightheaded,dizzy, some headaches and cramps. 6 dpo in the afternoon I noticed a pink spot. It only happend twice and that was it. I constantly have these cramps but they are bearable. I'm due my period in 5 days but eager to know if it was definitely implantation spotting I had?


  • Hey I am almost 6 weeks pregnant, having period type cramps and the last couple of days I am having a brown discharge. I miscarried a few years ago and I am pretty worried I could be happening again, any advice from anyone??

    Many thanks 

    Hannah x

  • What's the update? 

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