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Just finished O heading into 2 week wait - Part 3

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the all the people on the Just finished O heading into 2 week wait - Part 2 thread. The second part of the thread has become huge and has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough. Do let us know if that's not the case.

We'd like to wish you all lots of baby dust.



  • Yay our new thread :) 

  • Butterfly that looks amazing!  Have fun. 

    Did a free today and it is negative.  :( I will call my GP to book an appointment. 

  • :( sorry to hear that Medusa x

  • Hi all, welcome to our new thread!!

    Loreli - I love roses, well flowers in general! I have them in the house to cheer me up! Did you spot the G&T candle!? I love a nice little G&T so thought I would get a scented candle... what a con; It doesn't smell like G&T at all - shame!

    Butterfly - that looks amazing.... so jealous.

    Well I have just tested (using the one step test strips) and nothing. I do think the last few days were a bit strange.... Its hard to test at work so can I use and evening urine to test OPK?

    Is everyone else ok? I'm sorry if this makes me sound a little strange, but I have really gotten a strong sense of friendship between us ladies. I find myself constantly checking for a new post and a real sense of excitement or upset when we have good or bad news. Thank you so much to all of you for helping me through this journey! Perhaps one day we should Skype group chat - this could turn into a friendship that lasts for years (oh my god I'm one of those clingy boyfriends that thinks it is 'love' after a week!) I'm not really as scatty as I sound - I promise!


  • Hahahaha I am the same Foodie :) my oh would think I was nuts if I spoke to him about half of this stuff!!!

    i have checked my cp everyday and it's really high and soft... trying not to think that maybe just maybe my AF was IB. 

    Quite like the hoping and praying as makes me feel I still have a chance. Don't even Fancy a drink which is weird for me.... I don't seem to have any symptoms though which is discouraging really... 

  • I do tell my OH regardless of how nuts he thinks I am.... lol!

    I don't really know much about cp, I think I have a small prolapse from when I had E, so wondering if that is effecting me at all? I have a feel and it always feels quite soft - is that normal?

    You could still be in with a chance, you said you were sick from wine - is that normal? I would say that is a symptom - and not wanting to drink!? When I fell with E I didn't know, as I was not trying (I know that is not what we want to hear, but it does happen and trust me it annoys me more than anyone!). My first suspicions were when I woke up massively hungover one day having only had a few drinks - I could usually drink like a fish. I spent the day in the bath as water seems to help me with pains and headaches and then suddenly I sat up like in a movie and thought OMG I'm PG!

    Don't loose faith, we will all get there x

  • Hiya! Jackobell would b proud of us! Her thread has evolved lol

    I live for these notifications. When you guys are asleep I wonder y no one else in my time zone says anhthing else lol and when I wake up to pee I grab my phone n check to see if anyone said anything. We definitely have a bond here!

    Butterfly I would trade the beach for the pool any day.... ok...some days.....

    How is everyone? 

    Thanks for your tremendous support in all this whirlwind. I would be lost without you ladies.

  • Good morning all! So I am 9/10 DPO and i somehow managed the will power to not test today....really can't handle the disappointment again. I am trying to wait to 12 dpo....we will see if I can make it...anyone get a bfp today?? 

  • I don't like the beach really, much prefer a pool. 

    Yeah aM not usually sick after alcohol. been feeling dreadful but could be the heat.... trying not to think about it...

    love chatting to you ladies... no POAS for me, so no BFP here. Have to wait until Sunday!!! Eek!!! 

  • Foodiemum what cycle day are you? I am same as you waiting for something to show on opk. I am cycle day 12 and feeling really down as had been so looking forward to being in my fertile window but no sign at all of the lines on opk getting darker. Feel really fed up 😢

  • I wish I was on a normal cycle like everyone else. Wtf is cd43? Like... who the hell does that right? Why me? Do I look like a camel pr elephant or something? So I guess my pregnancy will be like 12 months n not 9 like everyone else? Lol

    My cervix is very high and soft. Nothing else. I've no need to poas n I'm not checking temp or opk. I'm just here waiting patiently for the ***tch to show. 

    Anyone else thinks that it's becuz I posted those pics of AF the other day? Lol#karma

    Emy where r u? 

  • Question for you ladies... how many of you use OPKs or take your Basal Temp? I use the OPK but sometimes I find it hard to tell if the line is bright enough to there a method you prefer or that you think is better? I bought the Easy at Home brand as they are fairly cheap and had amazing reviews. Thoughts?

  • Loreli ...that's too funny. I didn't see the pictures but I am sure you got good karma!!! how long have you been TTC?

  • I came off the pill probably 2 yrs now. Had 2 Mc and 1 dissolved pregnancy according to my doctor. Been on pills from since my daughter was about 4yrs old.... she's now 13 goin on 14 in December.

    Most of us use the opks and check bbt. We discussed the positive O as when the control line is the same colour as the test line (or something so)

    I've been having strong lines for days now and nothings really working as it should with my body so I've decided to just wait n see what happens. 

  • I use cheap sticks, clear blue digital and bbt but I got positive on cd3 so wtf is that about? 

    I reckon we are just all special!!! 😜

  • I get so pissed when my Internet is bad at work and I can't  check the chat.  😁 love this group. 

  • I know...I am thinking... why are this OPKs so hard for me? LOL sometimes the line is dark as the control line for a few days.... I am starting to think I will just be done with them after they are used up...maybe take my temp instead. Really I am hoping to be preggers this month :) Just a few more days until I can test confidently. My husband works out of town so it makes TTC a bit harder with timing and such...on a different note,I don't feel many symptoms today... just exhaustion but these days I always feel tired.

  • OH is away this week again back in Tortola. Not like I have any eggs hanging around...

  • We have moved again, been here since jackobell started this thread up and still not pg, us girls do like to chat though ☺️

    Butterfly you lost 112 pounds that really made me laugh 😂 Hopefully will be good news for you on Sunday, would be a nice pick me up from holiday blues. I agree we are all special.

    All this talk about diets and weight and I found out I have put a stone on since April at my pre op today 😢

    Even though clear blue say fmu for me they still don't work so alway smu or later For me. 

    Medusa sorry to here about the bfn today, I have forgotten when AF is due for you ? 

    Foodiemum  fine to use evening urine for opk just try to make it as strong a sample as possible. When I am close to peak I test at all times a day except Fmu. I feel the same about the strong sense of friendship.

    Loreli I would take the beach or the pool I'm not fussy lol.

    eastcoast, well done for having the will power not to test you are stronger than me lol. Good luck for 12 dpo. you can always post pics on here of test strips for our options.

    Hey louhan hope ur ok. 

    Oh loreli I do hope it's not karma lol. How long are you going to wait before you think about other options? 

    Been and had my pre op assessment today for my endo surgery in November if I haven't managed to get pregnant. Had to have blood test but she couldn't get it all from one arm after wiggling the needle round so moved to the other, both arms now sore and bruised 😢. My opks and temps are being weird too, trying to figure out what's going on too.

    how is everyone else ? 

    lots of love to you all.

  • Email my afternoon is during tomorrow. I have booked my appointment with my gp next week.  

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