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Negative or faint positive

I have taken 2 or 3 test recently and they both to me look like they might have a very faint positive, but I could be delusional cause where I do want one so bad. I've tried for longer than 6 months to try and these have been the only 2 tests that I've even seen anything other than the negative sign. I've had some symptoms related to pregnancy, headaches, cramps, very sore & tender boobs, and even my acne has cleared up some. For some reason I have a very strong inside feeling that maybe I could be pregnant unlike any other time that I've taken tests, please help. imageimage


  • Are you late for your period yet? It's best to wait until it's late before you test. I'm afraid these look like negatives for now to me but maybe they are clearer in person. Good luck.

  • how manys days are u late ? X I tested early today :( and got similar results to u ... fx for us both X 

  • I can see a line on the blue dye one but I had a false positive myself on one of them last month so don't trust them. I'd wait a few days then test again. I started my AF literally ten mins after my false positive :(

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