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Ttc #1 6months

Okay so we've been trying for baby number #1 for 6 months now, trying everything, had a couple of chemicals, its starting to get really draining. I'm not thinking about it as trying more like if it happens it happens but now it's been 6 months. Please someone stop me from going insane! I'm about 9 days away from my period & I'm not very hopeful. 


  • I came off the injection In March 2015 and got pregnant in may this year. We weren't actively trying though. Sadly it ended in a missed miscarriage and now trying properly. I think they say if after a year it hasn't happened theN to go to the docs.... good luck x 

  • Thank you, I know after 1 year it's best to et checked out but it feels like we've been trying forever x

  • Yeah I am cycle 3 now although had a super light AF without cramps and then had positive OPKs cd1-3... am now on holiday so will test when I get home on Sunday and hoping it was an implantation bleed. Don't seem to have any symptoms though... been trying to relax this month and not track. After my MC I want it even more

  • Also had a false positive on a first response just over a week ago which was upsetting. 

  • I'm trying not to track it this month I'm due in 8 days I'm not really feeling much, had mild cramp yesterday and Tmi  but the veins in my boobs came up a lot yesterday, woke up feeling a little nauseous and stuffy nose just trying to keep calm and not think about it too much the 2 week wait is hard lol 

  • Yeah my right boob is being lol

  • veiny even 

  • I never had it before it looked like it was bruised but was definitely my veins was weird haha 

  • I am really trying to hold back on testing, luckily I don't currently have any in the flat but I am picking up a couple tomorrow when I pop into town maybe a cheap couple. I'm not feeling very positive as I am cramping, I thought I had a bit of bleeding about 2-3 days ago but nothing more from it & due in 6 days so will be 5 days away from expected AF come tomorrow time. 

  • I ordered a load of cheap ones. Mine was BFN when home from hols today, so either an early ovulation or just a weird hormone surge. Am getting achey boobs and a bit crampy so maybe oving at the moment or it's something else!!! Weird not having tracked this month! 

  • Ah no, I feel at a loss not tracking I can't seem to work it out wthout jotting down etc but gonna take a cheapy tomorrow & see if anything happens 

  • I just wanted to have a holiday where i was chilled and relaxed. Last cycle I tracked OV from cd28 and didn't get a positive until cd12-13. Seems strange that I got the positive on CD3 this time and have read that it is possible, so will just keep everything crossed.... am either about to join the 2ww or am already a week into it!!!! So confusing!!

  • Yeah I'm basing my next expected AF after a weird 2.5 day bleed last month which was a week late anyway so I'm finding it hard without tracking this month I don't think it's done me any favours probably made me more stressed out haha

  • Same here now. Wish I knew where I was with it all.... am hoping ovulation has been dealt with early as we bd'd a lot on holiday.... now it will be harder as we don't live together and he is always busy with work. 

  • Ah I hope it is your month! I had waves of nausea late afternoon yesterday and evening and woke up this morning the same can't work out if it's a good sign or its my time to come down with a bug 🙈

  • I feel awful today. Tired, feel sick, feel like flu and my boobs are killing me. Been cramping too. OPK sticks aren't positive yet so either I did OV early and it's tailing off or it's gearing up. 

    I had brown tinged CM on cd5, 2 days after my positive OPK and all holiday had sharp shabby pains In my left ovary area.... maybe I did OV early and this will be ny Xmas pressie. Be handy if it was cos we bd'd loads!!!!

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