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How to know if the pregnancy test is right

so I did a pregnancy test but abit confused has I didn't hold the test I dipped it has I don't feel comfortable holding it the test is showing two lines but reading the info it doesn't say anything about it being ok to dip the test can someone help me thank u


  • Hello, I'm assuming you mean you collected a sample and then dipped the test? If you have two lines then congratulations it's likely you are pregnant! I dipped my test as likewise don't like holding it/ don't trust I'll be weeing on it and I got my positives from doing it that way xx

  • Hi I am new but I would like to tell u my experience and see if I can get any help, I am 9dpo and I have been spotting brownish .pinkish  with lots of clear cm from about 5dpo until today it started again it has been on and off breast keep giving mixed feelings this min fullness the other slight tingling n then nothing please does anyone have these signs n get their bfp

  • Thanks wasn't to sure has the info said got to wee on it and tbh I didn't fancy trying to wee onit and miss lol xxx

  • Yes the principle is the same :) haha yes not the easiest task! Congratulations xx

  • Margaret - the only way to tell would be to take a test. If you've been spotting it depends if that's normal for you or whether it could count as implantation and when AF is due.  My last pregnancy my boobs were very sore and that was the first sign. This pregnancy boobs haven't been sore at all. I got my bfp at 8dpo which is very early. Xx

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