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Confused over ovulation tests


Hello ladies , Come off the pill after been on it 4 months come off 15 days ago had a week of cramps and back ache then tested of i was ovulating 2 days ago got negative then yesterday a positive i think ? then negative again today so did i ovulate ? Confused ???


  • Looks like a positive.... only way to tell if you ovulated is to track temperature. 

    You usually ovulate 12-24 hours after a positive stick. If temps spike up then ov happened the day before at the low temp, 

  • Oh ok i dont know my baseline for my temp just took it its 36.5 ?? Is it normal to get negatives after 3 positives from the day before ? 

  • An OPK will go negative straight after the surge has stopped... it just detects the surge that might lead to ovulation, but it doesn't confirm it. Stress etc can prevent ovulation so best to do basal temps every day to confirm it.

    i have had 3 lots of lh surges this month, but had a low then high temp on cd 13 so am sure it was then. 

  • Oh ok , i had faint tests for 13 days then 3 dark in one day now i have nothing not even a faint line ! I really want to ovulate so i know im back up and running after coming off my pill ! I must be doing something cos the tummy and back ache is driving me mad ! I had my first lot of white discharge yesterday after nothing for months on the pill ?? its so confusing. xx

  • It sounds like you have ovulated... an average cycle is 28 days with oV on or around day 14. My cycles are 26-28 days. So oV between 12-14... although I had a positive on Friday just gone, couldn't temp as was away for the weekend but I doubt it was OV..... had a positive on CD3 too so have had a weird cycle, but have been stressed out with work so anything is possible. Thought of starting the 2ww though when I thought was coming to the end is unthinkable!!!! Lol 

  • Ahh that makes sense then if it was 2 weeks after coming off the pill for me ! i have been stressed with work aswel preying it wont effect anything ! so when is my time to conceive up ? are you trying to concieve aswell then ? how long for ? xx

  • I had a miscarraige in July so this is cycle 3 for me. 

    Once you have ovulated that's it, time is up :( egg only lives 12-24 hours. Best to have sex the 4 days leading up to and day of.

    most ladies start testing around day 7 to monitor the OPK sticks getting darker. Those cheap sticks don't generally work on first morning urine,  I always use second wee of the day for most accurate results 

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