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Please help im confused

Im currently 6 days late for my AF and normally 28 days regular but i know that I was 2 days over my ovulation period when me and my OH had sex, 7 days post sex i woke up with the weirdest pinching feeling in my pelvis which lasted a couple of seconds each for about 20 minutes since then ive had white milky discharge (TMI im sorry) up until today. Ive also had backache sore breasts and massively over tiredness. I was convinced i had miraculously conceived even though i was 2 days over my ovulation period but today i was BFN. Please help im so confused as to why my period hasnt arrived still a week late but im testing negative? My OH thinks i could be testing too early but im doubtful now?? 



  • Are you actually tracking your OV with temps and sticks? 

    If not there is a chance that you ovulated later? I have had 4 sets of positive OPKs this cycle, the most recent wasn't Friday just gone. Because I was on holiday I didn't temp so I don't know if I am due on Thursday at 15dpo or am actually only 3dpo!!! 🙊

    Have googled a lot today because it's driving me insane and it's possible!

    last month I charted properly at my OV was cd12 so had a 26 day cycle.... the period after ovulation is always the same so if you ovulated late then your period will be late x

  • *was Friday 

  • I use the ovia app i dont track temps im useless at that 🙈 i literally put in my start date of period and end date and it tells me my suspected ovulation dates???

  • Ahhhhhh I see. 

    anything can delay ovulation... like stress or illness. I am convinced that stress this month may have affected my OV day as before my digital oV tests would back up my cheap sticks but they didn't this time, then Friday on what I thought was 9dpo I for some reason did a stick and it was a blaring positive and I got cramps... again I was away the weekend and couldn't temp so I really don't know.... I could easily be back at the beginning of the 2 week wait. 

    I use Ovia and fertility friend and FF is more accurate for me. Maybe get a basal thermometer and track your temps next cycle. 

  • FF will tell you when OV is based on the temps you put in each day and the other data where as Ovia seems to just give general info 

  • So my AF should have arrived today and had a BFN so yes, stress can delay ovulation.... the wait continues :( 

  • Hi all, this is my first post on this forum! im actually 15 weeks pregnant but while trying to conceive I was reading these posts and they where keeping me upbeat! I was two weeks late on my period before I got my BFP I tested after a week and got a BFN so keep trying.  I only used the Ovia app and it was round about right for me! Hope this helps!

  • Ah tasha thats awful long i am sure u were out of your mind 

    Congrats on your pregnancy xx

  • Thank you I was! I was abit downbeat after the first BNF i didn't know what was going on, but just so others know that I waited as long as two weeks for mine keeping fingers crossed for everyone! Xx

  • only just been able to reply as its not seeming to let me on my phone, congrats on ur pregnancy Tasha!!

    I'm currently 9 days late and today ive had waves of sickness coming and going all day along with suddenly feeling very hot at times and weirdly getting a bit of cramping in my left hip and pelvis. not taken another test yet since 3 days ago but my OH is away until next Friday visiting his dad in turkey and wants me to wait for him to test again but I know I cant wait that long so might take another one this weekend xx

  • Hi Guys can you help! 

    I recenty took my implant out last month on the 12th but had a normal 5 day period on the same week. I am now 5 days for my period and don't know what to think, i did the deed 2 days after removing my implant and not sure if I was fertile at that time. viukd I be pregnant and when should I test? 

  • @tasha.... had you ovulated late or are your dates consistent with you being 4 weeks when finally got your BFP? 

    I am going out of my mind.... I have never been late for my period other than when I was PG in May.... but I wasn't trying so only tested when was 4 days late. 🙏🏻

    i dont know about the implant am afraid. If you're 5 days late I would test x

  • Yea my dates matched up to when Ovia said I ovulated! After my BFN I just have up and thought coming off the pill was messing up my AF! so one day I decided to try an ovulation and it came up negative and that didn't fit in with when I thought I would ovulate and thats when I tried the pg test and it came up positive! 

    Keep positive xx

  • Ahhhhhh thanks so much ❤️ 

    My issue is have been getting random positive opks.... on the day I was meant to ovulate, 3 days later and then again a week later last Friday... haven't been temping properly as been away a lot and it always conincides with my positive OPKs!

    i have been in bed all week feeling terrible.... doc said I had a high heart rate and a temp of 37.8 and said it was flu, but it's got me thinking... 

    ICs are being BFN and I did a CB early too and that's BFN.... am only 1-2 days late though 

  • Its so frustrating isnt it! Im now 10 days late and another BFN this morning! Dont no wat to think anymore 😥😥

  • Spotting today.... it's either AF or implantation!!!! 

  • Hope its implantation for u x

  • Thanks.... it's either af from the dodgy positive 2 weeks ago or IB from the positibe last Friday!!!! So frustrating lol

  • It is, let us no what happens!

    this month is driving me up the wall i just wish AF would come now cos of all these BFNs least we can start trying again then 😔

  • Ic is BFN but if  is IB it's still too early.... an OPK is almost positive but that's how they go for me when on AF 

    still none the wiser 😂

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