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Due on Monday - tightenings?

Hi Ladies

need some help and advice here.... for the past few hours I have been getting really strong tightenings across the top of my abdomen and they increase in pain and go all round my stomach and into the my sides mainly my left side and also down into my legs but the pain in my legs feels more like the baby is laying on a nerve.

Most of the internet sites I find about contractions state that they start in your back but I only have a mild ache round the middle of my back where your bra line is and its not coming and going with the tightenings its more constant making me think its the way im sitting?

the tightenings are only 2-3 an hour so Im not to worried yet but with the internet and also my midwife saying they start in your back Im not sure if these could be the real thing or not?

The babies been engaged for weeks now and is sitting so low its really painful to walk .... Im also getting a weird pressure and pushing sensation in my bottom lol like Im on the loo feels really weird but not painful ...

so confused I hate not knowing whats happening so any help and advice would be extremely helpful

thanks in advance


  • Welcome to the site. You could be at the very early stages of labour, especially as you are near your due date. The tightenings could be braxton hicks, they do become very strong near the end. When the pain are really painful and regular, then you will know it has started.
    Have you ever had a cramp in your leg?
    That's what your womb will be doing, so imagine how that would feel. I have had 3 labours with the pains in my back, and 1 with womb pains. I thought the back labours were worse.
    Put a sanitary towel on, keep an eye for blood mucous coming out, or your waters breaking, other signs of labour.
    Let us know how you get on and try not to panic as your labour progresses, as staying calm makes it easier.
    Good luck!
  • Thanks for replying ...

    Still no change this morning although I did manage to sleep last night so I am presuming they are Braxton Hicks or very very early ones and they have gone down to about 1-2 an hour now ...

     Yeah I've been getting cramps in my leg for a few weeks now cause babs is on a nerve so now Im dreading the real contractions if they feel like that lol although cramps have a weird effect on me they make me scream laughing and dance around rather than cry with pain so this labour will be err different if they have the same effect lol ...

    gonna try the ST now see if I get my show ... fingers crossed I go on time its so uncomfy now lol (for me anyway little man is showing he is very comfy in there!)

    Thanks again! xxx

  • Hiya, yey, not long now. From reading descriptions of labour I think everyone varies on what it feels like but it sounds like you might be in early stages. I was like that with Mia but it lasted for 3 days before she arrived. The midwife told me to sit on a gym ball if you've got one and gently bounce on it to help move things along. I didn't have one so I'm not sure if that works. Good luck, I'm all excited for you. Feeling super broody now. Lol. x


  • I hope I haven't scared you. For me, the cramps are the best way to describe it, but it is different for every labour.
  • D - Day is here ... still nothing lol

    Having a few period like pains that are coming and going but nothing regular or painful and still getting the tightenings but I have a strange feeling it wont be today...

    Got my sweep and stretch tomorrow morning so hopefully that may kick start a few things!!!

  • Good luck. You haven't got too long to go now. Are you excited, nervous, scared , such a mix of emotions.
  • Slightly nervous but really really cant wait to have him ... feel like a beached whale lol I miss my mobility and being able to put my knickers on of a morning with ease is a distant memory I cant wait to experience again lol
  • fingers crossed for tomoz, i had like you 2days before my due date , i had a sweep at 4 days over and nothing, got induced at 11 days over and finally had him 3 days later lol. everyone is different though. you could be anytime. just keep a eye on how long they last if they are regular and increase in pain. big tip is practise your breathing big slow breaths in and out. also with bh they usually ease with movement . Best of luck keep us informed please x
  • Make sure you come back on here and tell us your good news. After my first one, I said straight away (while still in the hospital) that I couldn't wait until the next one.
    Don't get me wrong, it was very sore, but it was the rush of love I got as soon as she was born that made me want another. I now have 4 children, lol!
  • I was the same. We were talking within hours of having another. Can't believe we're not having any more now. I went 12 days over with each of ours. With our eldest we went to the seaside at midnight on her due date because no one had said I might go over so I really wasn't expecting it. I had a huge cry about it and a nice walk. It is great to put your knicks and socks on easier after. Lol. Good luck and let us know what happens. x
  • well the braxton hicks are back but now Im extremely emotional I just feel like I wanna burst out crying (even at corrie lol) and my nipples are sore/tingling dont know if this has anything to with it lol or im just reading into things too much?!?

    the baby is still moving round like a ninja in there thou hasnt kept still all day I feel bruised on the inside lol

    Thanks for all your replies girls really appreciated!

  • Im still here with a bump!!!!

    Was supposed to have a sweep yesturday which I thought would 'get things moving' but when midwife came over she said babs had moved from being engaged to now being Oblique (never heard of this before but apparently it means his head was just outside the pelvis and slightly to the left) and she said she couldnt perform the sweep and promptly sent me the hospital for a scan!

     This happened last week when I seen her she said the baby was breach and sent me for a scan and both last week and yestrday at the scan turned out baby was still engaged and the sonographer said he hasnt moved for weeks as he was engaged from 35 weeks...

    so an hour on the bus to the hospital and another back having my 7th scan in the last few weeks still didnt get the little monkey moving!!!

    Since my local midwife obviously cant tell an ar*e from a head I decided to book my sweep at the hospital on friday hopefully I will have my monkey on Saturday cause thats my nanas birthday and my mum has said since I got pregnant she bet I would have him on her birthday or fathers day either one!

    Hope all you ladies are well xxx

  • GOOD LUCK 2 U leanne image hope little one comes soon image xxx
  • I hope you get your baby soon - the wait seems so long.
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