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Preparing for the final hurdle

So I have 6 weeks 1 day til my EDD today. Even though it seems to have taken forever, at the same time it seems to have gone really fast......not sure how to explain it.

I had my first antenatal class last night. Not one of the ones I'm used to seeing on tv with you sitting between your partners legs and practicing breathing ...but more a full talk through of birth and labor and pain relief options.

I have a severe needle phobia first iron infusion of five i almost passed out i can't cope with needles being kept in, i have made it to infusion no 4 now, so one more to go tomorrow, but there is NO WAY i want an epidural! But one thing i hadn't thought about before, as I'd always just thought about how is my cervix gonna open up like that ....i realized that's not what I'd been worried about....its more the how the hell is a baby gonna fit down my birth canal?! I can't imagine half a baby fitting through there!!
I mean maybe after all the pain of labor, it won't be such an issue at the time, but i can only imagine now ism gonna tear or its gonna be immensely painful. I'd never worried about it til now.

Anyone else feel like that? xx


  • Everyone that is coming near the end of their pregnancy worries. The baby will fit though, and although that part of the birth is painful, it will be quicker than the labour. When you get to that stage, you will be glad the baby has made it that far down, and you will know you will soon meet your baby.
    Good luck!
  • hi i know you said you dont want a epidural but if you have a long labour it deffinatley is one of the best options. I had a lumbar puncture in the past and was dreading it, but my anethetist was really good, plus with all the drugs i was on i didnt feel it.

    i never got the chance to push as i didnt dilate and ended up with emergency c section.

    i can remember when i was at your stage i started thinking what if what if , but when your in the throws of labour you completly forget about it.

    best thing is to practice your breathing ,i found that really helped, the more relaxed you are the less it hurts.

    Have you got your bag packed ?

    best of luck hun x
  • Thanks girls image

    My bag is half packed, its more just last minute things like face wipes etc I need to put in. I need to go to Primark and find some large comfie nighties to put in too.

    Is there any particular way you are supposed to breathe? Or is it just deep slow controlled breaths? I know that might be a stupid question, but i thought my antenatal class might cover that and it didn't.
    I suppose if I do have a very long labor I might end up with an epidural but I'm trying to stay positive I won't have to have one.

    5 days and 3 days to go now. I have 2 friends who are due in less than a week though!

  • hey tink image

    i hated needles and was determined not to have a epidural with my 1st but had to after an emergency induction and being in labour for 77 hours image and i will say HEAVEN!! lol

    as for your breathing they will tell u what to do with your breathing and panting when ur in labour and pushing ect so i wouldnt worry to much image but in the early stages i found it easyier to take long deep breaths and be on a birthing ball with my partner rubbing my back or going for a walk outside as fresh air does help

    good luck hun xxxxxx
  • hi tink, when you feel a contraction , just take a big breath in and inhale slowly ,just breathe your way through it. i was thinking i wouldnt know what todo but it seemed to just come naturally.

    i never got chance to attend a ante natal class ,theyd finished in my area. i just read up on the internet lol. best of luck hun youl soon have your bundle of joy x
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