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Would you let someone film you giving birth?

Hi everyone,

We’ve read a story today about Blac Chyna (who’s due to give birth to Rob Kardashian’s baby), who’s said she’s going to have her labour filmed.

So we were wondering, does the idea of being filmed while you give birth appeal to you? Or not at all?

Please do come and let us know if we might spot your birth on YouTube any time soon by posting a reply on this thread or if this is a terrible idea please let us know too! We’d love to hear your thoughts. 





  • We filmed our Daughters birth (water birth) mainly from behind my shoulders and it is amazing to watch back. will definitely do it this time round, only regret not filling out so's Roth 

  • son's *birth 

  • We didn't filled but we took pictures from behind. Never thought about filming probably would of done that. But I got some lovely pictures when her head popped out and when they where pulling her out. I love looking at them time after time. My OH wasn't a fan to take pictures as he wanted to stay at my head level but we had a student midwife with us though all day and she happily agreed that she can take pictures for me. So I'm very pleased I have them. It's not for everyone and some people don't want to know anything about what's going on at labour but happy with it. It's obviously only mine and my OH eyes and it's a great to bust my memories about my daughter birth.

  • I think it's a great idea, my friend was on about recording mine and to be honest I turned my nose up at it at first! as time went on I got used to the idea that bit more and the plan was to take photos the whole way through and then record baby coming out and from there! My birth didn't go to plan however, but I would definitely next time :-) What an amazing thing to look back on! 

  • I wanted my partner to film my birth. Which he found disgusted lol! But he did take a photo while I was getting contractions as he thought i wasn't seriou's! !!!!!!!.  And we'd be looking back and laughin at it. And I can honestly say I'm so glad it wasn't filmed!  But that photo I love looking back at.

    If my birth was a nice water birth or a relaxed one then ye I think I'd like a little video.

    ( maybe next time) 


  • Filming only ok for me if I feel comfortable during giving birth time

  • Definitely not, I don't want photos or videos or anything of the sort.. at least not until he or she is safely out :) but each to their own I guess 

  • there is nothing wrong with filming, the most important thing is that the are not too many people in the room. During labour important hormons are released, and to many people around can inhibit the release of these hormons, making labours longer or complicated.

    to all the future mums.. it's important that during labour/birth you are able to move... squatting and all 4 are very good positions for giving birth.

    being in bed facing up makes birth more complicated, because the baby and you have to fight gravity!

    hope my suggestions will help

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