Is all pregnancy test will have an evaporated line?

Me and my husband are trying to conceive for almost a year now. My last menstrual cycle was from August 27 to October 4.  

In this case, I tried a to test if I am pregnant…FIRST TEST, I took it in the middle of the day (yeah! I’m so excited) …for the first 3mins ----the result is NEGATIVE. But when I told my husband and he wants to see it…SURPRISINGLY I saw a faint line (for the past 10months..i never saw anything)…so I tried the next morning for the SECOND TEST and waited for 5mins…but just one line. But after 30mins, another faint line appeared. So because I am very curious, I tried for the THIRD TIME the following morning…I waited for 10mins this time but got another faint line after 30mins again.

Am I pregnant or the three Pregnancy test just have an evaporated line?



  • Hi,

    You should disregard a test after the time stated on the instructions - usually 10 mins. The lines you're seeing proabably are evap lines.

    You may well be pregnant so could try a clearblue with FMU, however going by the dates of your last cycle I'd suspect you'd be getting a strong positive by now within the timeframe on a dye test. When was/is your next AF due?

  • Was meant to say Clearblue digital sorry

  • according to my calendar application, my AF should be between October 27 to November 3. 

    So those three PT lines probably an evaporated line? 

    on some time, before i did the test...i feel a sharp cramps. its like pinching my organs. image 

    it's very confusing.

  • The apps are only a guesstimate.... I ovulated late last month because of stress so that will delay a period. The time between ovulation and AF will always stay the same so if you ovulate later, your period will be later....

    better to try a first response if you are unsure when you ovulated and af is due.. clear blue digital are not very sensitive...

  • Sorry new to this matter. HOw can i know my ovulation day. i am just depending on my app calendar. image 

    i am having a regular monthly period for the past months. There's just a window of 5days delay or early.

  • Best way to confirm ovulation is to use OPKs and take your basal temperature every day 

  • Ok...thanks for the info.

    as of today, i do not have my period yet. My lower belle feels so heavy. my waitsline is actually at 27 (since i am asian) but my lower belly pooch is too big. I feel so hot this morning and was like to vomit. The feeling is not just actually at my head because i pee like every hour. 

    i have also a white discharge (too many that i was actually change it in the middle of a work day) 😞 The feeling is getting me more confuse. 

    I will schedule a check on weekends.

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