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due in october 2011 (MFM)

Hello image
Anybody due in October 2011?
My second baby is due on 1st.


  • Hi, my baby is due on 20th September, but i am always late so I planning on this baby making an appearance in October. This will be my 4th baby.
  • Hi, my first baby is due on 1st Oct which is same as Danielle image

    Everything is new and nervous for me because it's not only first time but English is not also my first language.

    I'd like to learn many things hereimage

  • hi there, due 9th oct, baby number 3 x
  • Hey all. Hope everyone is well!
    My first baby is due on the 24th!
    Ive just started using this site and so far i love it!
  • My first baby is due on the 17th of October but I think she might be a week or so early.image
  • My 2nd baby is due on 30th october, 10 days after my 1st childs 3rd birthdayimage

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