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Faint Positive

hello, we have been trying to conceive for 18 months now with no success. I am now 3 days late for my period and over the last 2 days I've been having pink and brown spotting (no clots). this morning a took a pregnancy test and it's a faint positive. Could this be a false positive or does this mean I'm pregnant? I'll attach a picture.image


  • I would say that is a possitive hunny congratulations 

  • Defo a postive Hun you can't get a postive negative congratulations. 

  • Hello I have also taken a test today and I am really don't know what to make of it 😕 sorry its not a very good pic image

  • I can see a faint line there Christina. Have you taken another one?

    i took another one this evening and I got this....image

  • i would defo take that as pregnant my lines where fainter than that but if your worried get A clear blue digital they are defo worth it as they will tell you pregnant or not pregnant with Out the confusion x

  • I have taken one first thing this morning and it came up with nothing. I told my first clear blue on Friday a day before i was due and that came up with a very faint line even my oh could see it so we said we will get some more so yesterday I got the first response ones. The picture on here is the first one I done on the day i was due on and has a faint line although it's darker than it looks in the pic! But this morning nothing showed up at all at 1 day late. Yours looks like a good line!!!! 

  • Maybe try again in a few days? i took a clear blue digital this morning 🙈image

  • Yes I think that's what I will do although its so hard to not keep testing lol you just want to know!! Oh wow that's brilliant congratulations! I'm really pleased for you 

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