Can anyone help

Im really confused!


two weeks ago i had what i thought was my period, not as heavy but some clotting although came a couple days late. I felt pregnant after random nausea etc randomly took a first response test and a second faint but pibk line showed, went to buy another one and done a clearblue plus test which also has a faint line, ive don't some test strips and theyre negative but positive opks, by my calculation i should be ovulating around now... Im confused with two name brand pos pregnancy tests... Can anyone give advice or have had similar situation... What do you guys think this is? I don't really have many symptoms ocassionally boobs (nipples) are sore and have had odd twinges but other than that and sometimes feeling nausea ive had nothing. Could i be pregnant? Doctors are no help! I also had positives after my period before the one i just had from only internet cheapies (10 sensitivity) which resulted in 10 positives... Is my body playing tricks on me or what



.sorry if it doesn't make much sense i really dunno how to explain all this properly without my phone cutting out.


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