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Body has gone weird


So we've been trying to conceive for a few years with no luck.  Last month we had sex every 2 or 3 days for the month.  About 5 days before my period was due I had light spotting that I almost didn't notice which only lasted an hour or so.  Then 4 days later I got my period which was pretty normal.  Not particularly heavy but it looked normal. So this month we're back at it but I don't seem to be getting any CM which is really unusual for me, particularly as I'm now on day 17 of my 28 day cycle. I have no idea if this means anything but I wondered if anyone had been in the same situation. 


  • Have you taken a pregnancy test? 

  • I haven't yet. I wasn't sure if it was a possibility after having my normal period.  I've also had cramps the last few days. Nothing awful but that's quite unusual for me. my breasts are a bit tender and feel bigger but it's the lack of CM which is the really weird part. Sorry if it's too much info but I've always been able to chart where I am in my cycle because of it so it's very unusual to not have any. 

  • I would take a test if I were you... i had implantation back in may when i  and it was like a light period... best to rule it out.... sending baby dust x

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