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Talkback: Maclaren launches new buggy designed by Ralph Lauren's daughter - exclusive preview


  • I love it - think it's gorgeous! I was lucky enough to win one on the Maclaren Facebook page - have to wait until the first shipment his the UK shores but I'm excited to be getting it. I think it's bright and eye catching. As for it looking like it belongs in playschool? well its for a playschool age children and I'd rather have a buggy that my sons loves and enjoys being in than one thats boring and pretty much the same as every other stroller on the market.
  • Agree with #fairydust, looks a bit tacky to be honest. I love my techno xlr in back/champagne. This doesnt look very sturdy and a tad "chav". Sorry! Better luck next time. Not all about the designer being a famous daughter, practical stylish mummys should take the lead here as its them who will be buying it.
  • I Love And Adore Itt... My Kids Would Just Love Just Lokknig At It Let alone Going Out Init.. Its Great Fun Looking And Bright
  • I guess bright coloured pushchairs are useful because kids would love to get into them! It can be hard getting them to go back in but I think they'd love these.

    Love Maclaren, even the small wheels still work well, I've had the cheap older versions for my kids and found they still work well,compared the other makes that had bigger wheels. Amazing.

    Wonder why we can't get the car seat to add onto the XLR, the QUEST, they have the carrycots for newborn. But wonder what's happened to the car seats and adapters? The travel system.
  • Don't really like it. looks abit tacky. just because it's a pushchair it does not have to look as if it belongs in playschool. Would not like to be seen pushing this one.
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