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Hi all, 

I was wondering if you could help me... I have a 2yr old and a 4yr old, but am going to be looking after my niece who is 8... I am looking for some educational games for her to play on my phone or tablet when i have to deal with the other 2. Any ideas? She loves Scrabble (as do i) but i cant seem to find a decent playing platform... 

Let me know your thoughts, Thanks in advance 


  • When my son was growing up I bought him PSPs with 3 amazing games:  

    1. Spelling Challenges and more (That is the spelling game which has been designed to develop the spelling talents of kids. It is an assortment of 11 different games contained in a television game show format with a host called Mr. Niceguy.)  

    2. Plato Achieve is something that is a simulation to classroom teaching, from kindergarten to seventh grade. And it contains 28 language and 29 math games.  

    3. Hot Brain. (This is actually a set of small games which have been designed to invigorate the brain and stimulate the mind to be creative. A number of visual puzzles, logical questions need to be passed by the player in order to move on to higher levels in the same. )  

    I know that is ridiculous to buy PSP now when everybody has a smartphone. But I found you a program that allows playing PSP game on the smartphone. You can installed it here or download apk:  I've tried. That's not a fake, it works. And you can find these PSP games for free on the internet.

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