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I am so confused

I've had cramps from 4dpo, I'm now 12dpo but no bfp.

Noticed dark circles around my areolas last night that I've never noticed before and whilst inspecting my nipples I noticed a tiny drop of clear liquid so gently squeezed and more came out. I tried the other nipple and white liquid came out and quite a lot of it.

What do you reckon? Am I still too early for bfp or do you think I'm not pregnant? How many days past ovulation did you get your bfp?


  • Hun I think you need to relax.... a lady on our other thread tested BFN on 12dpo and then on 15dpo she got her BFP..... remember testing early also ups the chance of detecting a chemical. The liquid thing is hormonal... I first noticed mine like that several years ago... It's a side effect of some pills, and I still get it now.... am pretty sure it's too early to get milk from a PG at only 12dpo.

    take it from me as a desperado TTC after a MC at 10 weeks, just need to relax.... look at me now..... even with tracking and a FF app with OV dates, I am still getting my BFN but cramping since 6dpo. 

    I hope you get your BFP, but it's best to hold tight and wait for AF to be late xxx

  • What thread is that butterfly?

    I know I really do need to relax but oh is convinced I'm preg.

    I was put on the pill at 15 for a couple of months due to bad period pains but decided I didn't like it so came off and never been back on it since so wouldn't be a side effect from the pill. 

  • It is a hormonal thing though. 

    The just finished o thread.... its only because of the invention of early tests that women test earlier than a missed period.... it's down to those things that chemical pregnancies are picked up on and then hopes dashed when AF arrives. It's best on the pocket and on the mind to not test till late.

    your OH might be excited and I hope he is right, but maybe you need to let him know about the pressure it puts us ladies under.... I am just speaking from experience after being on edge for the last 6 months and having my hopes dashed at every moment. My OH even lost it at me because I became a crazy person....


  • We've been trying for 2 and a half years and I've never been like this, never had symptoms to obsess about until this month.

    I know I won't test early again it's pretty pointless and not really reliable.

    He's pretty chilled about it all but is just convinced I'm pregnant.

  • Butterfly is there any update with you? x

  • Nothing. I am not buying any more tests... have had enough.... seems my miscarriage has messed my cycles up massively so I just don't know anymore. What will be will be. Just got to wait it out now.... long waiting game. Just hope it shows tomorrow 

  • Unfortunately it's one of those things where no 2 women's bodies react the same after a mc so may take a little while for your cycle to become regular again.

    Do you have any children or are you trying for your first?

  • It was my first... and I am 36... so time is running out :( 

  • Still have time, my auntie had her 4th when she was 40 after a 15 year gap after her 3rd.

    Did you conceive naturally?

  • Yeah was all natural.... just heartbreaking 

  • So heartbreaking when you want the baby so much. It's a good sign that you conceived and naturally so when your body is ready it will happen again. My niece was a rainbow baby, I don't even think she had a period in between so her body much have recovered extra quick but everyone is different x

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