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Faint line on two pregnancy tests

I had my Mirena removed in October. I didn't get my period until November 5th. its the first period I've had in three years, so I have no idea how long my cycle is. Before Mirena I was extremely fertile.  I got pregnant twice while on the pill.  My husband and I have been trying since my marina was removed.  I took the pink first response test yesterday and the blue clear blue test today today.  I am starting to think I am losing my mind...




  • Definitely pregnant !!! Congratulations! xx

  • You think?! My friend said she didn't know if she would call those positive tests. But, I've taken several tests that were negative before and never seen a faint line. 

  • Def positive  I've take another in 2 days u will see a strong line congratulations  x

  • Honestly ! Mine were exactly like that last week! Turns out I'm now 6weeks+ ! Test in 48hrs if you want a stronger line, but i'd say they're definites! 😁😁

  • I'm thinking I probably had a chemical pregnancy. In two days I got seven slight positive tests like that. I tested again this morning and both appear almost negative. Had I not seen the lines the two days before, I wouldn't have even noticed them today.Ii did both clear blue and first response again this morning. Bummer part is my hubby was out of town and is back today so we were planning on taking another test tomorrow together. 

  • Ugh!  I am super confused. My two tests this morning were very faintly positive so much that I wouldn't have recognized it had I not tested positive earlier.   I have no patience whatsoever so I decided to take another test this afternoon. It  showed a positive line almost right away but it isnt super dark yet.


  • Hi, had my implant out in june, had periods every month roughly round the same time each month (cycle is between 27-34 days) its now been 45 days since last one.been having period type pains for the past week but no period. Normally only get pains the day i come on, boobs are sore too.  Did a test today and came up a faint positive but it disappeard after about 10 mins or so but also the positive line wasnt quite straight. Do you think its a faulty test??


  • Looks positive to me! weird that it disappeared though. I'd take another test.

    I finally took a clear blue.


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