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Very faint positive.


Hi. First time on anything like this. Today I was due my period and have had cramps and sore breasts as normal but have been more intense! especially the boobs..noticed more prominent veins too.

today I took a clearblue test and a very faint positive appeared however I am starting to think it's just my eyes and I'm being paranoid. i am going to try and upload a pic.. advice would be great! :)


  • I think I can see a line - did it appear within the timeframe?

    I think its positive :) Maybe test again tomorrow?

    Try a test with pink dye such as a First Response or try a clear blue digi in a couple of days


  • Thank you LauraPops. Yep pretty much right away. It seems Boots near me no longer stock digital :(. But I will try and get the pink and see.

    As hard as this will be I am going to try and wait another couple of days so there is less doubt if it happens again. and hopefully a stronger line

    thanks again xx

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